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Analox Alternative A-Z of Commercial Diving – F is for………..

Feet of Sea Water (FSW)


feet of sea water Analox Alternative A Z of Commercial Diving F is for...........

4 Feet of Sea Water


I was pretty rubbish at Maths in school despite giving 101% effort.  When this made no difference to my results my mum paid for extra tuition for me.  The problem was that I was 14…


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Holy S***

Just found out I even had a page on here, sorry I didn't get back to your posts

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What Nigerian Commercial Divers may know and do not know




Diving is a thrilling experience everyone should get an opportunity to enjoy!


For some, diving is a recreational attraction for others it is an attractive means of lively hood especially commercial divers who sometimes earn as much as $1000 (US) per day in the North Sea. For some Nigerian commercial divers it might be different story.


Commercial divers are employed for different reasons including recreational diving instructors,…


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Analox Alternative A-Z of Commercial Diving: Letter D

I've been running this blog for a few weeks on our website at the following link and thought i'd share it here aswell.  I'll post all future blogs on here, hopefully for you enjoyment.  Comments most welcome.  Letters A-C can be viewed here:


Analox Alternative A-Z of Commercial Diving: D

I have been partial to a few games of Taboo in my time – the board game where you…


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