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Thanks Mr. Onix I appreciate you taking time to show me around your school yesterday. I really liked what I saw your school doing and what your teaching your guys looks like they have a good shot at making lifetime careers in Diving.

Ace Parnell

Career diver since 1970

There are a few of us left.  Don't dive much in not at all anymore,but memories are great.  Ace I like them shoes.

So Willy I see you were diving in '57 well as a kid I started diving in '55 or '56 just before E.R. Cross closed down and sold his school. Also I see your x-Navy did you dive with Bobby Cave on that deep Sat job? He was one of my Masters when I was a Navy Diver with Submarine Developement Group 1. How about Bob Wick one of my neighbors on the Island and x-frog heavy gear divers?

Oh the shoes Hawaiian style Bra the OSHA steel toes were in my van.

I started MK V in 57 and in 58 went gas.  I was with the group when they made 1010' and was wiht team 1 in SUBDEVGRP 1  I retired in 75'.  When to the Gulf for a short stay and then came here to Divers Institute.  In SUBDEVGRP 1 I was in Haibut SSN 585 and Seawolf for one run SSN 575.  Did you know Vendetto, Bud Mills, Jim Jorren, Gary whites, Mel Paxton? Just to name a few.
Sorry Willie that was before my time there. Small diving World isn't it. Happy St Patrick's Day.


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