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I'd like to ask anybody if there is any possibility of applying as a tender in a company withing the US if one is from Europe. I have an IMCA cert. I have so far sent out 300+ emails to companies all over the world but I have not contacted anybody in the states.

I don't want to emphasize my motivation when it comes to working hard because I'm just too damn tired of getting no response at all from the companies. I just want get started.

My question is mostly adressed to the possibility of finding work in the US as a tender as well as the process of obtaining a work permit. Any info is very appreciated.



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You must have a US company sponsor you for the work permit.

Very lean here is US with top hand divers not working steady. possibility for work slim.

Far East has work.

Thanks Fred. I got a call from a company a few days ago asking if I was willing to work in Saudi Arabia. I said yes. Then they said the salary was 1800 USD. Well, what can I say. I better not get into a discussion over money.
was that a week or a day rate. hell i am in Baton Rouge LA. and bin looking for work for about 5 mths with no luck at all. much rather work overseas. what was the name of that Saudi Arabia company.
1800/months Bacchus. Didn't remember the name.
for 1800 a month US, lil brother your better off applying at any Mc Donalds in the US average monthly wage is $3500.00. Be very wary of companies offering junk wages. If they cant get someone here in the US to accept that wage then why would someone fly from overseas to work for that low of a pay rate. Also, accepting junk wages like this is whats killing this business.
I understand your standpoint Jerry and I agree with some of your arguments. The problem I'm facing however, is that my bills need to payed every month. I also have to eat from time to time. I can not apply as a tender since it doesn't work that way over here in Europe. The companies are looking for experienced hands. So how do I start? BTW the company isn't in the States. It's in Saudi Arabia.


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