What do you guys think about women commercial divers? I'm not one, but I know a gal interested in becoming one. In such a male-dominated industry, would it be harder for a woman to have a successful career? Would you enjoy working side by side with women?

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I have worked in the GOM 20 years. When I started there were one or two females trying to break out. The only other females on the barges I worked on were there for the Fisheries service (Turtle Girls). The boat I'm working on now, we have a female diver in sat, three female LST's and some female tenders, not to mention a third-party female paramedic, and some female B&R staff, and the occasional female Norwegian boat crew. Yes, the year is 2009. The world is not changing. It already changed.
Dive safe,
Does he quack like a duck?

Ethan, Ethan, Ethan its about time you start looking for new friends as you are trainning to become a diver someday aren't you or will you be planning on doing stand up when your not doing dive work ?
I'm all for emancipation and I'm also convinced women should have equal opportunities than men worldwide. But in civils I've never met a working commercial diver, neither the very few occasions I was offshore. I'm convinced there are some jobs a women can do and other not. By not I mean fysical hard dives like using a jackhammer on concrete, pulling heavy hydraulic hoses underwater or drilling h***s of 16 in concrete all day etc and actual have the same result as a fit male diver. There are probably a lot of exeptions... please share!
If they can get the job done sure.
This goes for men and women. Look hard at the diver in rotation after you. Do you want some dainty little thing coming to rescue you when you are hurt and injured or do you want someone who can pick you up and carry you to safety.
Being small doesnt mean they can't pick up a buffalo..:)
who the f*** said we're dainty a******? I can bench a hundred pounds, which is more than half the guys I work with.
dainty applies to men and women both. If you are gonna dive and be in a rotation which means you will be standby diver then it is your responsability to your fellow divers to be able to come and rescue them should the occasion arrive. If half the guys you work with can only bench a 100 lbs then you need to find new divers.
oh dear?

if you bench a 100llbs because you want, that's fine by me, but i do hope in the nicest way, its not to keep up with the boys.
i also know a quite a few guys who cannot as well.

steve h
a wh*** 100 lbs.
So, you can press 100lbs, do you believe that can make you a good diver ? you sound like a woman that shouldnt be in the industry Caitlin. My first commercial dive was in 69 (before you were even a smile on your Dad's face I suspect) and have completed over 5600 DAYS in saturation so I feel somewhat qualified to make this next comment. Being muscular and masculine is NOT a prequisite to being a good diver, fit, yes. As stated in some of the other comments, I need to KNOW for sure that you, as my stand by diver, would come and rescue me, without hesitation. It takes a certain special type of person to become a good, professional diver, with many skill sets...... dedicated, safety aware, hard working, ability to mix and get on well with your mates and to some degree, diplomatic are but a few. As a woman, some men will, by nature, "come on to you" until you are accepted "as an equal" Women need to be able, in a nice way, to brush this aside, otherwise there is potential for a lot of problems. I have personally turned sat down with a woman, not for profesional reasons but biological....... I would not go into sat when a woman is menstruating. Having had a wife that suffered PMT, believe me, I know what it is like to be on the receiving end.................. so to answer the question, yes, I would surface dive with a woman as long as the above criteria were me.................. its my life and I want to keep it. B


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