Whats going on work wise in the North East?  Im trying to get a handle on the amount of work if any is availble before I make any travel plans.  Ill take any tips, Dave 

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Just got a note from a pal saying 2 dive schools are now no longer taking student applications due to shortage of jobs. Has anyone else heard anything to that effect ?
sounds like bs to me divers academy international is way too greedy not to accept students. and as far as work goes good luck most ive heard is a job with u.e.s.i in africa.......yup were screwed
Mark you bet there are a few greedy schools, companys, people, etc. heck who wants to lose their job these days. I am not trying to be negative here it is just a little indicator of what was passed along from a very reliable source about what some of the industry is doing today. This has never been a easy field to excell in or keep steady employment in it goes up and down just like the ocean. If a person can some how keep the prespective in mind that you need to be willing to be in this for the long run it will help you suceed. A good trade helps make this possiable like being a carpenter, welder,pile driver,good mechanic, truck driver, NDT guy, boat Capt. project management skills and on and on and on the more you know the further you can go. Dont give up on yourself keep going turn what sometimes looks like lemons into sweet lemonade and you will be saying " I love being a diver".
Roger that
We've got a couple of jobs coming up starting in October, but the customer for one job wants the same team from the last time we were out there earlier this year. The other customer.....well, we're waiting to get confirmation on the work. If the second one gets confirmed, for the most part we'll be bringing back guys who have worked for us before and a couple off new people with specialty skills needed for the job.

It really sucks getting calls from you guys and not having anything for you. Believe me, I'd hire everyone I could if the work was out there, but this industry has its highs and lows and we are in a valley.
What does anyone know about joining a dive union in the North East? I havent been able to find out a lot of info on this subject.
The fact is all unions are just employment agencies that provide labor to employers.
The union wants your dues thats about it.
Find a employer that will hire you and if he is a union shop he will provide a letter of employment to take to the union and then you join up.
Join up without a job and you just spent good money to sit on the bench.
Contact Glenn Underwater, thir always lookin. Their based out of Charlote N.C
Hey Jarhead, hows life?
If you go to work for GUS, get your what you'll be payed in writing. They screwed me over by giving me "divers rate" when I went out as a "diver" not a supervisor. You will also not get payed overtime for driving their equipment around, that's considered "travel time". Penetration pay is below standard and I've still to figure that one out.

I was gonna let all this go, but when they claimed that I "quit" when I got injured and had to go to the doctors, that's when I got pissed. Now I'm gonna take my complaint to the Department of Labor.
James you big p****. Just because your foot got cut off gives you no reason to pass out and take a nap on company time. The crew recorded you saying " I QUIT " while you were passed out, delirious, and talkin in your sleep. So no, you don't qualify for insurance cause you ain't an employee. Remember, you quit. So slap red hot iron on that stub and get back in the water. The jet pump is runnin and diesels's being wasted.
he, he...'n air quality tests arn't impotant...prussur and pull tests are a waist of time. Oh, sorry the credit card isn't working, just fill it up and give us the receipt and I'll pay you back on your check. 120 psi is plenty of air!

Hey Marty, the parts I need is a hood, spider, port retainer, and chin valve assembly. I've got a cover, but need the base.

I'll be home this weekend, come on over and watch the game!


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