Hey guys I am going to be taking commercial diving and was wondering what school is better. I was considering CDA in florida (www.commercialdivingacademy.com) or The Underwater Centre in Tasmania Australia (http://www.underwatercentretas.com.au/) money really isnt a huge factor either. I just want to go to the best school. My goals are to eventually be an offshore diver and I do understand it takes time to get to that point. I am a fully certified welder in the Alberta oilsands and am a very hard worker I already work 12 hours a day and do pretty physical work. I also have my advanced scuba diving and have 30 some dives and am comfortable being under water. And yes I know that just because Im already a welder and have my scuba diving certification that doesnt mean I can be an underwater welder I realise theres a big difference. Any tips or advice is much appreciated thanks.

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Real divers train and learn in Black Water, then they migrate to the great blue pool known as the GOM. This ideology has been turned around as of late, however if you can manipulate 48 to 60 bolts washers and rings blind, seal and make patches fast blind, then you can do it anywhere. Learn in black water, from black water divers then go find John Roat in the GOM and have him evaluate you. And listen to what he and othershis age tell you. they havent survived this long by BS ing their way in the field, they have done it or developed it......

Whats up dude,

you may wanna disregard half of Jerrys post, since unless your an american citizen or can legally work in the states the GOM might be a bit of a long shot full time.

For Canadians its the East coast for us and work there is sort of seasonal and all but shuts down some parts of the year, some guys end up going overseas on visas to Africa, Asia or sometimes Australia.

Or work in other jobs such as welding and when the East coast stuff fires up head there for a couple months.

I think ideally the North Sea is the place to go but its tough to crack, the GOM as Jerry was saying is a option but its flooded with guys and they tend to stick to americans,

if you went there you would be taking a paycut though from what your used too Ill tell you that, I think you wouldnt have a hard time adapting to GOM life, its ALMOST as big of a d*** swinging contest as the tarsands and your already used to long hours and camp life at least in the GOM you dont have to worry about doing 12-16 hours in -40 hahaha f***ing miserable :)

Wherever you go though man you gotta be aware that you are gonna be taking a serious pay cut for the first little while.

Ive welded in the patch myself so I know where the wages stand and your not gonna find that diving nor will you find the ammount of work, sometimes you will go weeks or a month waiting for the phone to ring.

I mean eventually there is some money to be made but thats gonna be a few years away and even then its a bit of a crapshoot if your gonna be the guy getting called for those kinda jobs. (sat and hyperbaric welding)

That being said though if you had your Jman, B-pressure and a rig you would still make more then those divers maybe not if you worked by hand but with a rig no doubt.

But if your not doing it for the money then its something you should totally do and chances are you would be pretty sucessful at it and do quite well with your background.

Why dont you wanna go to one of the Canadian schools though ??? why you looking at all these other ones ?

Santa Barbara City College.  

I have posted this several times on this site.

Do not get taken for $30,000.00 plus, for  a "diving certification", YES I wrote "diving certification" which is WORTHLESS.

The best school for the money is the Norwegian diving school, in Norway, school cost less than $6,000.00 USD, Yes that is SIX THOUSAND USD

See URL: http://www.nyd.org/cgi-bin/nyd/imaker?id=538&visdybde=1&akt...

You received upon completion and passing a "DIVING LICENSE" issued by the Norwegian Government.That is REALLY VALID anywhere in the world. Travel, course and living there will not cost anywhere near $30,000.00.

The Next School to consider is Santa Barbara City College’s Marine Diving Technologies Program


See URL: http://www.sbcc.edu/marinediving/

Cost is / was less than $10,000.00 for NON-Resident. Resident was / is less than $5,000.00

Compare these two school to any other, the best value and training is Norwegian Diving School.

Second to look at Santa Barbara City College’s Marine Diving Technologies Program.

All other "Schools" are a WASTE OF MONEY!

Research, the money You save will be Your Own!

Will, I understand that for the first few years I wont be making as much as I do now, but down the road after 5 years or so isnt it pretty good money once you start going offshore and all that? One of the main reasons I want to do it is because I want a job that I can do all over the world I dont really want to stay in Canada. I went for my B pressure once already and failed on the very last bend (so close) and was planning on rigging up a couple times. The reason I dont want to go to school in Canada is because I like to see other countries and if I can do that and go to school at the same time itd be great.

What weld did you fail p7 2&6" 6g or whatever ?
Honestly dude if you wanna see other countries i would go get the b work a few months save up grab a backpack and go.
Australia has a massive energy sector get a visa there you can stay up too two years.

Offshore has some good money but it depends where you go.
I have not been offshore but I'm sure there isn't as much sight seeing as you hope its probably a lot of airport to a boat to a rig to a boat to airport again kinda stuff.
I think your best bet to see other places is in school make sure you get a international recognized cert then so stay away from adc in the states check out schools in Norway Scotland Australia or south Africa

I failed my 6g my last bend cracked open. Ive already worked in Australia I was welding there renovating a coal refinery. I just get bored of being in the same place all the time. Im not really doing it for sight seeing I just want something different. Something challenging. And its not a big deal if I cant find a job right away I can just keep welding while I wait and still make decent money.

Yeah that's true too you can always go welding. In that case go for it then, i mean you won't be desperate to get a job like most new guys on here cause you have fall back options
your in a really good position to get into diving. Now just make sure you get a international recognized cert for as cheap as you can also your gonna wanna look into a offshore survival ticket afterward as well deal with that after the dive cert

It's worth every penny. Make sure that you buy everything they tell you to.  Sign up for all the other courses. With that top notch training you will easily earn anywhere from $150,000.00 to $240,000.00 per year. Personally I only do it for the glory and voluntarily took a 90% pay cut. I watched the Abyss and Oceans of Fire. It's just like that. A lot of cowboy boots, b****es, rolex watches and chew.  Men of Honor is a good one too. If you can put together the bolts while hypothermic you can do anything.  Good luck. Remember, sign up. Don't wait there are so many jobs right now that companies can't keep up with the work load.

Carl Brashear is Walt Joslyn's b****. 


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