We're looking to see what your absolute favorite type of dive hat is.

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Best damn hat has been the Kirby standard air helmet (Heavy Gear) been using it since the mid 60s and at least once a year I break down and spend $1.50 for a new speaker weather it needs it or not.
That and a rinse with fresh water is all the maintenance required.
Kirby Gas Hat for deep work best there was.
You can swim, float, keep warm and be comfortable for long hours underwater.
You cannot do that with demand hats that sit on your head and break you neck.
I agree for inland work, just not practical offshore Fred. I still luv it best. Working offshore outside of USA you're just about always diving company hats, which sucks.
KM SL-27
So new fellow here, still active duty diver, but coming up on retirement and in the same boat as many new guys looking for new hat. I been diving the mk21 for the last 11 years and lets say im not overly fond of it. Been leaning toward a Gorski. But hope guys could some of the pros and con between the most common helmets, say the Heavymetal, Gorski, Km77. Thanks to all.
Since I make them my opinion is prejudice. My helmets are hammer tough, simple, easy to repair if needed, and the most economical of the gas hats. I do custom work to fit your special needs. The helmets are cast bronze 3/16" thick which is 3 times as thick as Desco or MK-5. I use the Poseidon "Xstream Duration" demand regulator which is approved to 656' for SCUBA divers and O2 safe. I have 2 hats ready to ship. contact me at martin@heavymetaldivers.com
no problem with a little prejudice, thanks for the reply
If you are planning on buying soon and are serious, let me know. I will give you a sweet deal for Christmas.
Crap! Sorry about the earlier comment. To be fair I have never dove your hat. I have a regulator question for you. You use the Posieden 5000 on your hat correct?
I use the Poseidon "Xsteam Duration" their most advanced and most expensive regulator. Check it out on their website. It is oxygen safe and approved for SCUBA use to 656'. Has virtually 0 breathing resistance at any depth and no dial adjustment needed. Very simply made with very few parts and easy to repair if ever needed.
I have a question and you are the teacher. I do own a Gorski.(long story.....) When you lean to the left it free-flows. I know why becaus it is the path of least resistance. Is there ANYTHING I can do to modify this problem? Like trade it for one of your hats?
It freeflows because of the placement of the diaphram in relation to the helmet. The diaphram is on the exteme left. The Gorski is a good helmet. I believe that mine is more suited for gas and sat due to regulator and oral-nasal used. The exhale / exhaust ga**** do not pass thru the regulator, so there is less CO2 retention in the hat, so the diver is more productive. There are plenty of divers who would love to have a Gorski, sell it to them.
17B, Suprised no one had put that on here yet, whats wrong with yall?


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