We're looking to see what your absolute favorite type of dive hat is.

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Most favorite;
Km Sl 27
Km Sl 17b
Miller 400
Yokohama heavy gear

Least favorite;
Km Sl 37
Km Sl 77
Kirby morgan SL27 is the best
Yeah, been diving the same 27 for 14 years, tried a 37, sold it after 4 months. I may hate the way KM runs their house but my hat has made me money.
sl 37,,,17b,,,,miller400 those are mine if i had to chose just 1 37 all day
Sl 27
Miller. The real Millers that Ben made at the Benjani. Been diving my 1970 200 since '02 and still going. I also have owned a 17b-sold for scrap parts, 17a-murdered by a penant bouy and scrapped, 27- 3 dives then traded it for a T.V. and vintage bike, and a Gorski SS. The Gorski is a great hat, and Les personally stands behind his hat and is always available if needed. I'm think i'm going after one of Martys Gladiators next. If some dude didn't make it out of metal, it aint going on my head.
KM SL- 37 so far
Hmmmm...Gotta be a 77. Just got a new 37, so I'll see what it's like.
i have e mailed you.

so tell me which one you like the best as i want or at least i think i want one or the other.

steve h
A diver's helmet is a very expensive and personal piece of equipment. Your choices are pretty much limited at this time, if you're purchasing a new hat, to either a KM, Miller 400 aka KM, Gorski or Gladiator.

As you can see by the responses here everyone has an opinion. The best advice anyone can give you is for you to first decide what YOU need in a hat, then decide on a price range you can afford, and then research the specs for each hat you're considering.

If you can, ask either the manufacturer/dealer or a friend/co-worker if you can try out their hat to see which dives best for you. Then you can make an informed decision based on your research. You'll be much more satisfied with your purchase this way then simply asking for others suggestions. Good luck.
lot of money tell me about it, thats why i need to make an informed choice

i have read most all there is to read over the last three months and i am now getting to a state were as i feel i know less than when i started.
i had narrowed it down to a 77 or a 37 but the guy here has both so i thought it would be nice to hear what his fresh thoughts are on his two new hats 77 / 37 yes.

the rex reg looks to me to be a possible pain as to the 350 as i have run one of these for years fault free, anyone with input on that.

steve h


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