We're looking to see what your absolute favorite type of dive hat is.

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sl-57 forever!!
Im using one of these, awsome hat, awsome neckdam, im a little fella and always have to fill the gap in the neckdam the last animal used so a 27 neckdam is awsome!!
definately the km sl17k(i forget wat they call them now) or the km sl77 w/rex reg :D such good hats....gorski ForTheLose!!! maybe i just had a bad experience in em but those things were kiiiinda klunky...
My favorite hat?
Definitely the 17C jewel from Divex. That's the moneymaker, and the most comfortable hat in sat. And if I'm in sat, I don't have to buy (or steal) parts to maintain my hat (SL17A).
My favorite brand of course is HeavyMetalDivers. See www.heavymetaldivers.com and you will know why it is my favorite diving helmet.
Well I grew up a Savoie diver. I have booth an old Air Hat and a Stainless Steel Demand that I worked hard of many years. I have been diving the 77 for a little over a year and man it is sweet. So i guess since I have retired my Savoie's it is the 77.
I loved my Savoie. SS airhat. Was the most comfortable hat I ever dove until I started making hats. Unfortunately it was stolen a month before Joe died.
So, are KM's that good, or have they just developed a pseudo-monopoly because almost everyone has left the market??

I owned a KMB-9 in the late 70s for Surface Gas Diving and Sat. When Bev came out with the 16 adaption to make a Band-mask into a dry hat I bought it, never had a problem with either. When Joe came out with the demand hat I grabbed it quick. I loved having metal on my head but the only other metal hat was the miller and it just didn’t fit my head.
As much as I love my Stainless Savoie the 77 breathes easier and is more comfortable
It was the Orange one. When I bought my Savoie Demand I sold it to my tender at Martech . A pay me as you can deal like Joe gave me on my first air hat. Well wouldn't you know it, he broke out for a different company. He had me paid off in a month I was looking for another tender and I never saw him or the converted Band Mask again. I hope he did well but I would love to still have the converted KMB 9 with the pretty orange box.
I have dove a KMsl 27, and 37 and really didn't like them all that much. I broke out in a sl 17 and that is my first love. I like diving Millers because of the protection that is offers and the adjustments that you can make so that it will ride easier, (but make sure the neck dam is cut to your neck size). Millers are and will always be considered to be one of the best! I have a KM77 which I feel is the caddy of them all and I can't wait to get my hands on to the new 17SS that will be out next year!
i do not quite understand what you mean.

i have been told that 77 shell is just a s/s 37 so why do you not like the 37.

just as i thought i had sorted it down to a 37 or 77 .

steve h


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