The start of 2009 has been rather slow for a lot of us,this discussion is to let us all no whats hot and whats not for 2009 whether its new personal kit purchased, recommendations, crap jobs, good jobs and just basically a moan and groan or not in some cases.

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to tie yourself without actually being tied off
kickady in conroe is not hot
my order never have what they say they have,,,,,
Pemex Exploration and Production (PEP) has awarded Dragados Offshore SA and its subsidiary Dragados Offshore de Mexico SA the project execution, including engineering, procurement, construction, load-out, sea-fastening, transportation, installation, hook-up, testing, commissioning, and start-up of the living quarter platform denominated "HA-LT -01," with a capacity of 201 beds, which will be installed in the area of Campeche, Gulf of Mexico.
commercial diver supply is hot(in bousard)
seamars parking lot is more full than i have seen it in 2 years lots of work
Muery came in about two weeks ago and there was only his car and the cooks car from the seawolf in the parking lot. That was mostly Transocean work and they tanked after that was done. Hopefully the ball starts rolling like that again.
Hey I heard SeaMar and Epic have some work. Who is the head honcho for Epic? Trevor Day?

Is global ok to work for in the Gulf?
Specialty Offshore has aquired 3 new vessels and have them in the ship yard and gearing up to crew them.
Anybody know of anything in the Northern California area? Just graduating and trying to stay close-ish to home for family reasons. Any help would be much appreciated.
good luck- better seek alternative employment - u go where the work is or u dont go 2 work.


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