What % of daily rate paid by client to contractor goes to diver?

The client pays X amount of money for diver daily rate to diving contractor. What percentage of that amount the diving contractor usually pays to the diver? What % does the diver usually get?

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I used to work for Dive company X a couple years ago until I had a falling out and quit. I offered to free-lance for them and a year later I did for a day. I didn't discuss wages ahead of time. I figured they would take good care of me since I was a subcontractor paying my own taxes. Well they didn't. I believe Company X charges around 4000 US a day for a basic dive package and 4 man crew. Two weeks after the one day gig I get a check in the mail for 15.00 an hour. I will never work for company X again. They paid me better when I was a full time employee

If you are not making at least 300 a day on a 10 hour day you are getting f***ed. Also for those that see Ballard Marine and want to jump,do not do it, they are not a gas and especially a SAT company. Hell they can barely do air at 30 ffw. They do work nor are they qualified to work off shore. Do not work NUKE for them also! Just a heads up for you new guys and lol gals!

I can't vouch for Ballard but they did acquire some of Veolia, and the guys have some great talent. And Veolia did mixed gas dives. They paid well to, over three hundred a day plus overtime. This is not a plug. I worked with some of those guys.

From what I've seen its about half of what the company charges

maybe for inland... that is certainly not the case for offshore work. 

It all depends on where you are working.

On the West Coast the divers pay is around $96.00 per hr. min.8 hrs.

The contractor must pay payroll tax's,insurance,workmans comp.etc.

USL&H insurance is 35% to 102% of payroll.

so your looking at him having to charge cost plus 100% + equipment rental and then he is lucky if he makes a 10% profit .

Plus the contractor is taking the risk of getting the job done and getting paid.

The diver will always get paid by law, the contractor always has his ass on the line.

This is one of the big reasons I hardly dive anymore, I cant speak for offshore but inshore can just make me sick.

I know these companies are charging 7-10k a day and paying guys 200-250 a day. Even worse when its a company that has a bit of a niche market, cant imagine what they are charging for specialty services.
Then you go out with a smaller outfit where the owner is making up one of the members of the crew and you can just see the guy with dollar signs in his eyes while you f***ing around with totally s*** equipment that is probably gonna try to get fixed 100 times before ever getting replaced.

Not so bad on union gigs where guys are making the 3-500+ a day. Those are respectable wages. But man some of those other joke shows would make my blood boil.

I just got fed up with rinky dink outfits and rinky dink wages. Why scrape and scrounge and feel like I have to kiss their ass every time I get a call when I can just put my trades to use and easily double my take at the end of the year ? For all the new guys who get told to have a trade under your belt before you get into diving just a warning. If you ever find you might need to put the trade to use then you might not wanna go diving again after that experience haha

A true seasoned view. Very good advise Will.

Thank you, guys for all of your comments


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