i have been doing some research on which diving helmet will be the best one to buy...for my own personal use..........if u guys got any views or opinions u can let me know????

this one is the one i like what u think???

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I was never comfortable in the miller cuz my head is to big. The sl 17 was ok . My personal is a kmb-18 bandmask. I'm comfortable in that and worked in relatively warm water ... Never saw a dm7 in the gulf but thought it was a comfortable hat in school. I saw some pretty ragged out superlite 17's and in my opinion the only way that is coming off underwater is operator error wasnt put on right or wasnt maintained. You gotta keep the wh*** neck dam in good condition
The best hat out there is the one that's the most comfortable for you. When you can just concentrate on the job at hand and not waste time adjusting it, is when you are in the ball park! First hat 17-k loved it! Dove all the rest and now finally have metal on my head again(KM-77)! Very happy with it.
the reason y i asked for u guys opinion is that i currently own a km37 superlite which i got from my uncle who is out of the game now.........its a great hat breathing is great and not seem to have much problems but i got one big problem its f***ing heavy as hell............my neck kills me after wearing it for long hours......is there anything lighter?????
Work with a 27, I am a fan of the 17..... but what about the 57? Anyone dive that yet? If I hear good things I think Christmas will come early for this guy this year.
yea there you go problem solved. Those types of issues are always solved in the field not at the factory.
I learned on and bought a KM 27, I like it better than any others I have dove
To bad Morgan got a Tupperware Franchise and delt the death blow to Heavy Gear.
my hat was made in 1934 and its still going strong. more than I can say for the rest .
maintenance $1.50 per year for a new speaker.
P.S. no neck strain and you can swim it just like light gear.
Up on the jet hose.
I'm with you Fred, 'cept its hell to use in and out of a bell. I'm afraid I lean to Miller 200 if I could have my druthers. I should go for the Gladiator but just can't get used to the shape of the port (sorry Marty). So when all is said and done its the KM77 for me.

THe one thats paid for, free and clear, no matter what you dive as long as it meets the criteria for your work.....
I recommend my new fold and go MK 1 Helmet
free flow clear plastic bag with hose clamp at neck ,for seal and duct tape flapper valve exhaust.
Low weight, no neck strain. 360 view, no other helmet has that. easy to carry, just fold and go.
Non corrosive, If you drop it , it will not crack.
Sweet low price, and spair helmet shells are avilable at 7/11 .
whoops KM has just called and want the exclusive rights to my FOLD & GO.
I heard they filed for a patent on it this morning...LOL

I Dive an 18 for light work, and a 37 for everyday use. It took some getting used to, but I Like it.


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