i have been doing some research on which diving helmet will be the best one to buy...for my own personal use..........if u guys got any views or opinions u can let me know????

this one is the one i like what u think???

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kirby 17,27,57 dont buy the 77
why ???
What ever it is make it metal, tupperware breaks when your tender drops it.
for air diving work only buy the Desco Air Hat. save big bucks on maintenance.
Miller, Heavy Metal , Gorski, good for deeper work less costly to maintain.
Gorski in stainless steel-fewer parts to buy and maintain.
Gladiator in bronze-fewer parts to buy and maintain.
I assume you pay tax's , let your tax dollars work for you.
The cost of any diving helmet is a direct tax deduction from your income tax's.
You never get out of paying if your an employee. you have a choice tax receipt or tangable item.
In other words its free
pay the 5-6 grand and have a top of the line metal helmet and get the money back in April.
Dove the Gorski and its a great hat.
Seen the Happy Roman (Glad He Ate Her) looks like a good hat.
All depends on where your diving.
77 is best breathing most comfortable hat Ive ever dove
I like Gorski, try a few see what ones you like best. It's personal.
Miller 400 I have one for $5000.00 a lot gear to go with it
This is the old Ford vs. Chevy vs. Dodge debate.

Metal hats tend to have comm. problems, they corrode, and are hard to repair because they are a single piece and once tweeked, almost impossible to correct. Fiberglass doesn't heat up or chill down like metal, and is easy to repair. You have a choice of regulators from KM/DSI. I like the 450 reg. for deep work, it can handle the higher pressures and breathes great. I don't care for the 350, tends to free flow in heavy current and is very touchy when you go to adjust it. The older KM regs are work horses and are tried and true. Some companies are leaning away from the older 17 a/b type because of the issues with the cam breaking. The Miller is a great hat, a work horse, but it does use alot of gas and isn't a good fit for all. The KM Band mask is great for warm water, ships husbandry, and penetration work. I must say that Gorski is one rugged helmet, but I've had guys on gas and it freeflowed at the higher pressure, so they had to borrow a KM to make their dives.

Kirby Morgan is the industry standard. The 27 is a smaller, lighter hat that works well for smaller people. The 17/37/57 are full sized hats.

Don't get into a big hurry to buy a hat. Try out as many as you can, and look for a good deal on a used hat from someone getting out of the game. I use to carry two hats, a 17b and a KMB 18. They both had their place. Now I use a 57 and I'm very happy with it.

Cheers and good luck!
KM SL 17
James, hows it going? My helmets are cast silicon bronze which has extremely slow corrosion in salt water, which is why bronze cannons, bells, and screws are found in very good condition after being submerged even for several hundred years. all repairs can be done easily if you know what you are doing and have the correct equipment. Ask any a/c-refrigeration service technician. Short of being crushed by being runover by a 100 ton crane, I do not know of any repair that cannot be done easily. Recently I retrofitted one of my Generation 1 "Gladiators with a superflow 450 reg and the diver absolutely loves it. I love customization if done correctly.
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