Hey Guys! 

We are always looking for ideas on how to improve your cDiver experience, BUT we need your help! 

Comment on this discussion with your ideas and we promise to take them into consideration. Thanks all! We appreciate the feedback.

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Threads relative to industry with topics that have nothing to do with what dive school someone should go to or how old somebody should be. Seems like that's the going trend over here these days. Longstreath and Offshore Diver simply have things I want to read about and doesn't appear to be populated by just n00bs or crackpots.

My $.02

I think you should charge dive-school owners, employees, or their representatives to post. I've been in the business awhile and I really don't need the sales pitch B.S. nor do I care to see one more picture of a graduating class. I have my own pictures from dive school to look at. That, or just go ahead and change the URL to NOOBdiver.net.


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