so the only thing more common than divorces in a group of divers is the flash they wear around their wrist.

the sea dweller is iconic but it doesnt stand alone... so ladies gentleman lets see/hear what your wearing and where you vote lies

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tool is correct rolex qualify these as tools not jewellery.
well i did have a comex submariner for 30yrs should never have sold it but i need the money.
i have no need of the sea dweller, but that does not mean i would not buy one should the deal come along.
i now wear submariner with the green bezel
NO NO don't ask, yes i know it should have been black.

for me it must be a rolex
Any one of these depending on what I'm doing and where I'm doing it.

Try selling those in a pawn shop.
Must be worth at least £50 to someone ;)
would it be worth the shoe leather getting there
I'd say so, the strap on the Breitling would be worth the walk alone and the Hamilton has gone up in value since I bought it.
mind you here's hoping that you (we) never have to find out
top dead center is dooope!!! which one is that?

nobody is on the omega train with me?
Top centre is a Limited Edition Hamilton Below Zero.

My next watch is going to be an Omega Planet Ocean.
easy tiger!...
I have 2 submariners and just got the new Deepsea not dive anymore, but since the Navy days, I just love a great running watch....
Just had my old submariner cleaned by Rolex and it cost $550... what a ripoff..


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