I am looking into this as a new career, I am sick of cube life and like to get wet/sandy.


I would love to work in Asia on a contract basis. For the time being though I live in Houston and Ocean Corp is right here.  So I am thinking about going there.  I do have the means to do whatever I need to do if it would be necessary to go somewhere else to get the schooling needed for international work.


Would I be on the right track to do Ocean Corp and after that doing some time as a tender and then looking towards overseas?


Any advice appreciated guys, and thanks!

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Actually, looks like the Professional Diving Centre in Durban would be fun to do as well, and it costs about half as much. Any major pitfalls to that?
How about the Chino Divers Program its free.
Ace, you didn't mention the admission requirements....
Oh yea I guess I did but I mean really its not too much diffrent from living offshore is it ? Thanks Bill for watching my back.
As long as the FBI doesn't go digging up my driveway I probably won't be eligible...but thanks all the same.
i hear the lodging and food is free as well
If You are looking overseas.....

Look at The Norwegian School of Commercial Diving (NYD)

Cost is less than $6,000.00 for the course

See URL;


Course get You a REAL License, accepted WORLD WIDE.

Compare and You will see.

Ask around, ask on Longstreath, mostly overseas discussion and issues, see URL;



~ Joseph ~
Again, thanks everyone. Great advice all around. I will look into the Norway one as well.
Do whatever it takes to get you in the field and working as quickly and safely as possible. Ocean Corp has a good oilfield program.
Chino divers = free room & board, free training,free clothing ( if you like blue ) regular bed time.
Big Leroy to tuck you in. Job placement.
what more can you ask for. Application = Rob a bank
Yeah, that is pretty cold to suggest this option. You may also want to know that once you are accepted, there is heavy competition to actually take the course.


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