got layed off from a great job,,,it was supose to be i enrolled in commercial  dive school that is something i have wanted to do all my life,,but never had the chance too..un till now......and BAM without notice im getting called back to work....gotta give one of them or dive school? is a person to decide.?

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thanx job was stable for 8 years....and all of a sudden its very the same time diving could be sketchy enjoying finacial freedom with both jobs,,,,cause i dont have bills,,or any financial obligations,,,,i work cause i want too..its not about is just a bonus
absolutly....thats why its so freaking hard.
A lot of guys are interested in commercial diving. A lot go to school, some get jobs. Most of these guys find out it's real hard work and not so glorious. Then they go back to what they use to do, or find something else to do. Keep your job, a bird in the hand is worth....
Mate I reckon I subconsciously flunked uni so I could go Commercial Diving . . Do your research, I agree with what was said. You know your circ**stances better than anyone.
Yeah I went to a public school, I don't have the heart to tell my parents sending me to a private school was a complete waste of money and all the payed for was an education on Jesus Christ . . Maybe UK private schools are different but why would you pay money to be taught by a bunch of 35 year old virgins with no life experience, so sad.
Yeah our state school systems are pretty good, the worst school in the district produced end of school scores higher than us but anyway.

Yep technical drawing seemed to stick with me and I do use it.
Just on general principles I find that doing the 'right' thing is usually the hardest thing....for what its worth.
why do you have to go back? if its a union issue shouldnt you have at least one bypass?

and what do you do now?

its like being asked-"whats better, this or what this might be?" --- zero point of reference.
i deliever new trucks to the dealers(piggyback) its the cream of the crop trucking job,,in a hotel every night,,every trip is one way so we fly back..and we are union so my retirement is off the charts.......but over the past 2 years we lost alot of work and there has been alot of layoff due to terminals getting closed down,,,,,and it got mine terminal too..but now one of our terminals in texas needs help so the drivers that have enough senority is being givin a one time offer of transfer...and get called back...them bastards
keep drivin truck.

or not


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