We want to create a top 10 list, based on your answers! So tell us, why become a commercial diver? Don't tell us why not to, I am making another forum for that.

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Hell yeah, these are better reasons than what I have
which company you work for lizz vazz dolphins play and talk to fishies, last place i dived water was like choc. milkshake we could dive only 2 hours a day as at its peak tide runs @9 knots and no fishies only fishing nets tons of it and yeah waist deep in mud , so pls tell me where you work
I want some of this...where d'you work?
great sex when you get "home" top side???

Just Kidding....got to lighten things up about here!!!
you dont need to lighten tings up you are 100% right great sex after you get home
Don't I just wish!
im suprised none of the guys said this yet buuuut...*ahem* DIVERS GO DEEPER!...thank u no applause needed
1-You get Paid to blow bubbles
2-Your job will kick most of your friends jobs ass
3-Cause climbing a Mt. underwater is alot harder than topside
4-Hiding from your family couldn't be ez'er
5-What other job could you have where your boss tells you to "get bent" and you can?
6-Where else can you do nothing at work and no body knows?
7-What other jobs are there where your office is part of the worlds biggest aquaium?
8-You get to see s*** no one else can even dream of
9-Divers can do it deeper
Financial problem.....ch..ch..chh...poor Indonesian.
Baggyarse is not in fualt... however:

- I love this work as it is
- I love uneasiness. This make you stronger
- I love to work with sun on my head
- I love how "normal" peoples speak about you and your work
- I love to work in the dark
- Often I know interesting and crazy people
- Often to stay away from your gf or wife is a salvation...
- To stay away from home make you easy to have some play with other girls with no problems ;)
- I love to make a work that often is like a metal gear solid mission...
- For last... money... when there is money to gain... (and also if there aren't easy money in our career, I can say that more fast they come in your pocket... same way they fly away.. without a really good reason!!! Strange but true)
few years back i did 2 sats in 3 months 26 days and 31 days i did 17 hours in water time thats what i call a job, people pay to get in water and here in this industry come on do i need to say more
to want to be a commercial diver you just have to love the buissnes. Its cut throte and malicious.?? Tenders want to be divers and divers want it all, Im 48 and have been in and out of the gulf since 82, I hate inland diving becouse you dont meet the real divers there. The real divers love the boat, the dock, the possabilities and will try harder to impress than inland divers will. The Gulf is where it happens, which is why inland divers think were arrogant, were not arrogant weve bene there, and know how it works from the stage to the chamber, just have me a smoke waiting on deck when i clear the ladder.My heart and complete respect goes out to all divers but I am partial to the boys who love the buissness enough to pay there dues.


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