Hey, whats up everyone? Am thinking about going to the Divers Academy International (DAI) in New Jersey (u.s.a). This career path has been of interest to me for a while now. I need some things answered before I can make a decision, and asking the (DAI) is not going to give me accurate info, because it's biased, of course they will tell me good things, because if I attend, they make 20k of my a$$.

Has anyone on this site attended the (DAI)? If so, do they provide a quality, recognized education that prospective employers will trust? And also, they claim that they have a 95% placement rate for getting new graduates a job (although not guaranteed which is what worries me) does anyone know if this is accurate? This is one of my main concerns. I went to a month long training program for working on an oil rig (sept.-oct. '08) that also claimed a 90-95% placement rate, and I'm still not working. So I don't want to spend 25k on an education that gets me nothing but more debt. And as this website points out, a majority of jobs available are involved in oil production which is low right now....which leads me to my next question.

Are there jobs available? Specifically for someone that would have no working experience, just the education?

I have been on this site, and about 4 others browsing through jobs trying to get an idea of how much $$$ I can make, and so far, only about 5% of the listed jobs tell how much they pay. most of that 5% are the really high paying jobs requiring 5-10 years of experience, so what about someone fresh outta school? What about someone with 1-3 years experience?

Besides the actual type of work this job requires, one the most appealing things to me, is the jobs located throughout the world. I love to travel, and would like to work outside the U.S. as much as here, if not more. (DAI) claims most if not all the certs. You receive upon graduating are internationally recognized, is this accurate? Do any/all US certs. crossover to international employment? And is getting work outside of the US for an American easy? hard? possible?

I smoke cigs, and don't plan on stopping. Will this cause any problems with the pressures associated with diving and going into hyperbaric chambers? Any currently working people that smoke, have problems?

I am still really interested in becoming a commercial diver, but I'm not going to spend 25k on an education if there is no work available. I am down to the wire, and need to make a decision soon. If anyone can give me there input on these questions I have, especially on the reputation and validity of the Divers Academy International I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks in advanced.

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Don't waste your time or money, you will spend more time on the beach waiting for a phone call. but that's good, it will give you time to find a part time job to pay the bills. and if you do put any money away, that will be used up in the divorce. The life still is great you can work in Africa or SE Asia, stay in lavish 5 star hotels, fly first class and spend time sight seeing.LOL ya right! I have been in this Biz for 12 years and can tell you its a b****. I worked for 1 company put us up in a 4 star hotel. but after 12 hours a day 7 days a week at the hardest job i ever had in my life I wasn't worth the 12 dollars an hour, with my dive medic ticket. It got a little old dragging chains through the mud,And not getting to dive sucked. By the way salvage sucks.Now lets talk about off shore. I work 340 days a year when the work is good but I'm a crane operator , electrician, carpenter, fabricator , welder, machinist, tool and machine repairman , a plumber pipe fitter, a mechanics, a dive medic did i tell you i can dive.But I love this s***, maybe because i spent 3 years in an 8+10 cell and a ragging alcoholic. out off all the guys i went to school with and started tending with I'm the only one still in the industry. One more thing I still OWE on My STUDENT LOANS. puck em the government got enough of my money. You will make more money as a carpenter electrician or a welder, there in high demand . but if you want to push your self to the limit mentally an physically and be the baddest mother phucker. Then eat s*** for 3 years offshore as a tender then you might be a diver . stop smoking if you want to pay those school loans off. you don't want to end your career at 40 .SCHOOLS DON'T MAKE DIVERS THEY MAKE MONEY. BIG BALLS, HARD WORK AND PUTTING AT LEAST ONE FRIEND IN THE GROUND MAKES YOU A DIVER.
1.) no
2.) no
3.) 20 60 an hour
4.) if you go to school in the us dont plan on leaving it for work.
5.) quit

if you have no other skills then you are f@cked if you cant do anything or dont have a special or particular reason why they would want to keep you other than being a laborer the you are not very appealing, i myself am a welder fabricator shipfitter - all of which are transferable.
Been in the industry for a few years, dont have IMCA certs and still work internationally. Diving southeast asia at this moment. This career is what you put into it. Good attitudes and making the right contacts will keep you busy and allow you to travel where you want to go. The gulf is a good place to get experience. If you can work there for a couple years without dragging up, you can work anywhere. Alot of guys will tell you which path to follow. I say pick your own and run with it. Its worked out for me pretty good so far. Aside from the gulf, ive worked in the Med, West Africa and, as I said earlier, now working southeast asia with no stopping in sight. Good luck to you.

Oh yeah, and the smoking thing...more guys do than dont.
keep smoking ,see if you pass the right to dive
ethan you have no clue get your head out off your ass and your lips off your seal buddy
and what do you do


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