Hey Guy's

Just thought I would open a thread which people can post on and offer tips for new divers!

As many of you may remember, it was not the easiest time getting into the industry and the first few jobs being the hardest!

Offer up some POSITIVE suggestions.

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Just wanted some pointers. I still have a while before I go to school. I have to make this last deployment with the Corps in May. We return in December of '10 and I get out in the middle of '11. What schools should be considered? What is the job oppurtunities like (don't care what it is I just want to work)? Any info will be greatly appreciated. E-mial:rochetrucking22@yahoo.com post here or e-mail me.
Just about to graduate from dive school. I want to work in Alaska, but I heard it's tough to find work up there. I'm an ex- fisherman from Maine so I can deal with some s***ty weather and long days. I'd be willing to travel up there and show up on peoples door steps if I knew it was worth it. Any ideas/info would help.
If you want sore muscles and have an eye for detail... try to get on a welding contract as a "prepper" to pressure wash and grind back metal for the welders to come through and weld.

Hard yet rewarding work :) especially if your holding onto sheetpiles with the insides of your legs for 4 hours :)
shot for all the usefull advice! bidding for the book you recomended.
Someone always used to tell me, " All you need is a strong back and a weak mind." Also " Remember these three words paper or plastic." I have never forgotten those to quotes and have never been without work.
Great Idea opening this thread - I thought maybe a company would give me somethin, anythin, even offered my time volunteering for any type of work, to get a foot in the door - coming from a recreational divemaster background.... Yeah I know... I know nothin about the commercial world! So anyone got any tips on actually raising the cash for school???? Or companies that WILL hire "greenies" on a trial type basis, and pay for schooling if they're happy with work ethic/commitment etc? Thanks guys, I understand this is a long shot, but if you don't ask.... Good Luck
Ben - Australia
Well , what can I say other than some of the posts here are vulgar and totally unnecessary nonsense.

What the new guy’s must think of us as a wh*** having read the posts, I would imagine that there would in fact be a considerable amount of superlatives from them and rightly so.

Ok what do I want out of the new diver.
Good old common sense
But very important is the ability to stand in front of you peers and say, In the nicest of ways, I think your wrong and be right, or at the minimum question them.
Some boss’s may be mmm!! Not nice about it, but you will have stood up to be counted and put your case. (all being well of course)
You will have moved, be it ever to slightly in to the trustable using the head sort of chap.
The instance of new divers staying quite, can be problem, some times serious.
One case of the new diver staying quite when he should have spoke up during a slinging job.
His boss was just a big foul mouthed A**.
It cost two days diving to find the lost pin due to no spares.
The new diver was in constant fear of upsetting his boss and being sacked so he did only as he was told, and still lost his job. (surprise surprise)
Ok I do not think these days it would go down well on your CV last job sacked for being right.
Having said that maybe it would.

Most of all guy’s & girls enjoy being a diver.
Steve h
AMEN!!! Very well put Steve
I know its hard, but I have always had an option to combat b******* by walking-and have.
Don't send all your personal information to recruiters! Only if they want to hire you for a specific job and you need to send them your passport, then you send it to them. There is no need to send out your social security number or your driver's license right away.


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