Hey Guy's

Just thought I would open a thread which people can post on and offer tips for new divers!

As many of you may remember, it was not the easiest time getting into the industry and the first few jobs being the hardest!

Offer up some POSITIVE suggestions.

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Start to apply for jobs alredy when you are in school.
And I have been told that acquaintances are good to have.
despite anything you think you are -- YOU ARE COMPLETELY F***ING USELESS for the beginning and for longer than you think you will be.

i was and still am but i will be less tomorrow than today, and so on.
yep, you're nothing but a warm body out of school. you're not a diver, you're nobody important. you're a tool. you have to prove yourself each and every day. when you're asked to be LT or sub for the LT, then you know you've been accepted and recognized. still doesn't mean s***. you've got to prove that you can do the job the way your sup wants you to. the other tenders have to want to work for you. the divers have to be able to trust and rely on you. the sup has to be able to as well. when you break out, you're still a nobody but at least with a bigger check. prove yourself in each position and when you've been diving for about 3-5 yrs, then you're beginning to be someone. have fun.
Go to the Gold Cup in Houston.
Oh crap, I'm sorry - you wanted tips for new divers -- not tits for new divers.
Dang Shawn, I knew you were crabby in the morning. Who took your pic. Put some aloe vera on that sunburn will ya.
excellent advice... thanks liz. coming from an fng thats only been in the gulf for 60 days now. i learned quick that school didn't prepare me for a damn thing on the dive boat! i keep my eyes open, do exactly what my LT tells me when he tells me and listen to the more experienced and seasoned divers... the combination of these made the school to work transition much easier....still a freaking butt load of knowledge out there...BRING IT!
thank sis ...?that really wat i gone through in s'pore as a diver .....4 the past 2 years....
know your knots/rigging
work hard dont lie to surface ask if you hesitate and think what you do and do technical courses like a hydraulic course and enjoy your work!!!!
catch you on my profile again and i'm gonna knock you! if you want to intrude try sound a little sharper.
Sorry all, didn't log off.
Terrick la Combre de la Pompus-ass, they say making threats on the internet is a lot like competing in the special olympics. Even if you win you're still retarded.
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