Do you really think that saying Hi, to a complete stranger gives you the right to ask them to help you get a job?
I don't !

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Sorry fellas I made the simple mistake of putting my e-mail address on here ! I now know that was stupid!
Please as my profile states "Do not ask me to help you get a job" I am only a Diver and not an office worker.
20 years of this game has taught me lessons! and you will learn them too! (but not from me).
some do, some don't. i try to help as much as i can, especially if it's in the same industry.
The way I look at it is we are all on here cause we are divers of one sort or the other. And the only thing I have ever asked for or heard on the forms is for leads to jobs, who is good to work for and who is not. But to those who have asked "can you get me a job" we are all starving to find and keep the work. More so for us inland guys. I might be making a move to TN, SC, or NC and I live in Philly. We all just need a place to work doing what we are trained to do. So you should exspect it
If you are not willing to help out your brothers then how can you expect to get help when you need it. Remember the golden rule: do unto others as you would have them do unto you.
Nigel is right. Your best shot, if you are in dive school is to impress the best Instructor there, he has contacts. Strive to be the best TEAM player. Maybe just maybe he will turn you on to someone that will give you a chance.

The only guys right out of school I have ever turned on to a job, where ones I put through school. Then it's up to the 2 things NEED & and; WANT! Does the company NEED you and how bad you WANT to make it in this tuff business. Very few make it to the point where they can feed their family and get ahead as commercial divers.


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