Just bought the 37 ss hat from divers supply recently.  Definitely the best hat I've ever worn.  Breathes great, feels great, and NO spot rust.  Anybody else have one?  How do you guys feel about it?

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looks really good...howizit onyer mellon?
Try Divers 'Supply in Louisiana
i really want to try the 17, they look badass. but i dove the 77 and i really didnt like it.
do tell me more ref the neck.

the hats are more or less the same llbs and the 37 has more comfort adjust or at laest on paper it does.

steve h
well i am still in the market for a hat and i had narrowed it down to a 37 or 77ss but i do like the look of the 37ss now available more so the valve as the 77ss and 37ss hat is the same thing.
i am very interested in what else you have to say about it use wise.

as i have to part with my money very very soon.

steve h
Flynn, now this is the sort of info I have been looking for.

Being of slight build I should be ok.
But I also understand that 37ss does not need weights ????

As I have said before once I have spent my money on a hat love it or hate it I am in it for the distance.

The next reason for my pref to a 37 / 37ss and not a 77ss is my compressor is small and 11bar max and after much reading, for what we do here the 37 reg is fine at this pressure or even less were as the 77ss requires more pressure/ and air to work well.

Do I have this right or have I got it all wrong again.

Final question does anyone know a dealer with a 37ss in stock with wet connector.
Steve h

lets give a little more detail.
Gib is a small place and needless to say its jobs ref the diving world are just so small, smaller in fact.
With the odd exception of the two recent wrecks, but this will as it was, be farmed out to international companies, as locally we do not have the capacity to take on a job of that magnitude.

you can only imagine my guys and self attacking some thing like the new flame or the fedra, with gas axes, no no lets not go that high tech, hacksaws cutting it into man handle able sizes pieces.
I don’t know about you guy’s but I think that would be a job for life, hahaha and then some.

Mind you it has been done on before, on Foula island in the Shetlands.
two divers a rubber duck two sets of scuba kit a 2cfm compressor it took them years, but they did use explosives later on, and not well to start with, their first go, all they got was lots of dead fish for their money and efforts, till the got it together. (bless em! Another serious learning curve then aye) the book is a good read 1950’s if I remember rightly.

Sorry we are going off track.

When it comes to us buying kit we cannot just go and buy slightly over kill kit on the basis of the next job could be?? as we may find that it could be years if at all it ever gets used again, and there is no were to hire this kit locally, what I would call dive r (crew) friendly.
With the up and coming job, oh yes, we need a good hat just in case and of course its use will be high after purchase fingers crossed.

We are using kmb18’s, as up till now as the possibility of being hit by anything has be none existent, also the time spent in water has always been kept short i.e. a couple of hours then a break, for ears sake, but this is about to change Q the hat.
Plus the new arrival to our shores in the last few months, quantities of Portuguese man of war (so sealed is good.)
Our compressor is 15cfm on a max length of hose of 60mtrs with a 10mm ID no joints, water and air temp minimum 12c and rising to 16 to 20c water, and air rising to 28/30c . ( are you jealous ) we don’t get snow or frost here.
Max depth with this system is 12mtrs
We are also in the market for a new umbilical ouch!!

km say they may produce the miller this year or maybe not
Steve h
Well that’s sad, but malta and gib are chalk and cheese.

Plus gib is less than half the size 2.5miles by 1.5miles.
Small town style attitude can be a problem for some but its nice and still very safe ref children and the wife that on its own in this world climate is priceless.

Well its not quite make do all the time, but our biggest problem is were to store the kit a car garage lock up store is 2000$ a month + + +

So we keep it small as poss.

Steve h
sorry got the dates wrong on the two divers, for anyone interested.
1973. its a good read.

the book title is The Other Titanic written by simon martin 1980
published in the US by david and charles Inc vermont.

steve h
yes there was a miller for sale on here and i tried contacting the guy but he's been of line for some time.

steve h
Bfore you spend all of your hard earned money take a look at Gorski and the Gladiator too I think you will find you'll save alot on replacement parts costs.
i have and the pressures require exceed what we have, also i do not like the fixed hoses to the back of the hat.

but thanks anyway.

steve h


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