I am currently looking to seriousley start my way as a commercial diver. I live in Houston,TX and not far down the road is the Ocean Corporation. I was wondering if anyone had any feedback about the school. Good Deal? Good School? My financial aid covers all but like 2,300. Which they will set me up on a 7 month payment plan ( length of school ). In the scope of things, is there better options out there?? Just some feedback, I am new to this. Thanks. -Ryan

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I asked just about this same Q last week. It is a very good school, just long and expensive but you seem to have mitigated that.

I am curious how you got so much financial aid? What was that based off of?
Well I got like 5,300 for a pell grant, 6,000 subsidized stafford loan and like 3,500 un-subsudized stafford loan. By chanch is that the school ya went to?
I don't want the extra loans so I am looking into Professional Diving Centre in South Africa. Cost is about $10K all-in and it's only 12 weeks long. I wouldn't mind a trip to SA anyway.


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