This is what’s offered through CDA. dose this card allow me to work world wide and what other cert. would benefit  me so that I  stand out of all the rest of the thousands of other tenders out there. Where do u see this trade moving towards is it more rov projects? Things are definitely getting more and more digital and computer controlled. I’ve been thinking of latter on furthering my knowledge in rov piloting. I’ve all ways been interested in subs and submersibles. As usual thanks for everyone’s experienced input. Especially you old guys out there you know who you are.

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I believe it is IMCA reconized and that would be a plus/
International work, if you are willing to travel and accept pay rates is growing in demand.
If you are thinking about ROV work I would suggest you go back to school and obtain a degree in Electrical Engineering or Mechanical Engineering. If you did that you would climb the ladder to success much faster.
The days of brute force Knuckle draggers has past.
yes sir i agree
Also If you have any aviation experience IE Hydraulic systems electricail systems and flight conrtol systems will help But Fred hit the nail on the head Electrcal and Mechanical Eng is far better Maybe Mike Wolfe will post on this. That is his field of work!
Perhaps you meant Mike Wood. This Mike Wolfe is a saturation supervisor. 
i graduate dive school in aug. 2011 how long do you think it will be befor i can do saturation projects? and are there any other thing i could do in scool other than welding and DMT to help me get there faster? thanks Mr. Wolfe

The only thing you will really learn in school is how to blow bubbles. Spend a few years offshore and learn the game then worry about sat. I think you should be broke out as a diver for five to ten years before you are really a good candidate for sat. Really, the only way to get the experience is to put in the time offshore, with a large company like CDI, Global, Epic, etc. and work on a variety of jobs. As far as metal gluing goes, I have never done any. Nor am I any kind of engineer.

Good luck.

thanks! do you think there it 5 or 10 more years of oil out there?
There is more oil than we can use in our lifetime. Now, whether or not the US oil and oil field service industries (or any other US based industry) will survive 5 or 10 more years of our government is quite another question. One of my nephews recently inquired about dive school. I tried to steer him in another direction.
why is that?

I really don't give a "fek" what you are, dude...

Go "fek" yourself.


Fist things first operating ROV suck you are stuck in a little room for hours looking at a flat screen and sitting on your ass for hours. It is not like diving at all it is more like playing a video game that if you crash or lose one ROV you are done, it is nerve racking job

Ya that doesn’t sound like it’s for me I could get into robotics it is interesting but sitting on my ass all day just isn’t in the cards for me. I’m definitely getting my EMT and DMT and this school the EMT although is the most basic cert it is NR and the wet welding is there a school that has training for deep water dry welding. Because I’ve read when your tigging under pressure the puddle spreads out and moves a little more different... 



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