So quick question for everyone what is the industry norm regarding tattoos and covering them or not???

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Most guys have them.  Some companies will frown on the extreme, like on the face or neck.  Piercings are more of a problem.  Those tongue rods make speech dodgy and end up chipping teeth.  The best advice I can give you is if it is not needed, leave it at home.

I remember a kid showed up on the boat.  He had an eyeball tattooed on the back of his head.  I don't know whatever happened to "cyclops", but I can tell you that tat didn't help his career.  When you have a real bad tattoo, it makes the bosses question your judgement.  

You might be gods gift to diving, but if you can't get hired because you look unprofessional, then you'll never get a chance to prove yourself.  So try to follow the Military attitude.  If the Marines wouldn't like it, then lose it.  

There was a day when a persons ink was their business, skill was more important. Too many "Judges " in a field where appearance is confused with skill. Too many young guys don't stand up for themselves. My ink has never caused problems if it did I reminded the Kid guarding the deck, I was hired to get a job done, not worry about what some deck urchin thought about my ink. DIvers have a responsibility to keep supervision in check. I dont want some screw ball so busy whining about my tats that he cant do his job. We are becoming the people we swore we would never be like. 

f***in A

Military attitude? What do you mean if the Marines wouldn't like it don't do it. I started getting my tatts in the Marines and my ears are pierced. The Marines motto should be "When no one else will do it, we will". People need to pull thier heads out of there a**** and realize personal freedom does not mean you are unable to do your job in a professional way. 
Semper Fi

Hey thanks for the reply, good to know, I already have a ton of tats none of them are bad or distasteful and dont mind covering them up as much as possible if need be, like i said i was just wondering how the industry feels about them. I am coming from being an iron worker where it didn't really matter how you looked as long as you acted professional and got the job done. Thanks again.

With Iron Worker in your back ground you should do well.  You might want to gravitate toward the Salvage companies.  You'll get in the water quicker and they'll need your topside skills.  SWU hands are a rough crowd so the tats won't matter.  

From what I've seen.. Nobody cares. We got guys at my company will full sleeves,neck etc

wasnt there a thread or a group of tattoos?

that should come back up so we can update it.

You are a diver , not a soldier in a dress uniform. Ink is for viewing, not for hiding. Be true to yourself, never hide who or what you are from anyone. People who have problems with your ink have personal issues and dont make good employers. The Guy Im working with right now has allowed ( within reason) inking in the commons at the shop (off Duty of course) be true to your self first and above all else....

This isn't a job for p****** who gives a f*** about tattoos?  And when a dive company kills a diver are they really worried about some f***ing tats?  God damn f***ing ratardation I swear!  Well said Jerry

Well we're at it, lets just cover up our women in the industry like those f***ing sick retarded sand niggers and if y'all don't like what I have to say don't read or go f*** yourselves.  Happy New Year

I am glad to see that most everyone is on the same page as me in the fact that a person should not be judged on their looks but their performance.


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