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Im looking for the person selling the Superlight 17 Regulator that was still in the bag. Do you still have it?
I'm very interested.
Looking for a new or used miller weight belt??!!
Hey Guys:

Kind of a strange request here. I'm looking for two old rubber dry suits (preferably black or green and for a person about 5'8" to 5'10") that I can get cheap. I dont care how many small leaks they have and they dont even need to have good seals or valves as they are to be the base for two costumes that I am making. I need rubber ones so I can easily glue more rubber pieces to them. I just need them in reasonable condition (LOL - sorry but I cant use the ones with the wh*** leg missing or a gaping h*** where the zipper once was)

I'd appreciate any help you can give me. My email is

i have fully working whites catalyst from about 2/3 years ago, its a bag suit though, nylon not rubber?
Think I have what you are looking for ..what price are you looking to spend? Where are you located?
Hey Matt - did my email to you get through re the suit? I havnt heard back from you.
Looking for, Bailout, Harness, 1st stage, and whip
I've got whips. Name a price, or I could give you 3 for 300, or 2 for 200.

Have a look, AGA MKII For Sale.........................
Hey matt shoot me a email i need that bailout and harness!
Dive related stories of adventure, public drunkenness, debauchery and underwater mayhem for sale to highest bidder....
This harness is XL and will fit over a dry suit, as well as a wet suit. The harness has never been cut and is in good shape. Included with harness are ONE 30cf bottles, both were hydroed recently. The first stage regulator is in good working condition as well as whips and stainless steel QD. A stainless steel snap shackle and lanerd are also included. Asking $175

Commercial weight belt
Miller style weight belt with shoulder straps and 60lbs. of lead weights. The belt is in great shape and barely used. Asking $150 obo

M & B commercial wet suit
Custom made 2 piece 10mm commercial diving wet suit with skin in. The suit has 2 pockets one Velcro and one open, as well as knee and elbow pads No expense spared, I purchased every option possible. This is the thickest and warmest wet suit they make. I’m 5’11 and 170lbs, if you are close to my size, then this is a great wet suit for you. Why spend $800 like me when offered for a ¼ of the cost. Asking $150 obo

DUI dry-suit under garments
Top of the line double fleece woolies, fits a 5’11 person. These under garments are in great condition and are very warm and comfortable. I also have thicker cold water under garment, not DUI but are made in USA and are in great condition. Paid over $300 each Asking $75 obo each
contact: or 714-865-8739
All gear in California


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