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I am looking for a KMB 18 bandmask in good condition.Please email me with
This is the Helmet Joe Savoie and I built on his table in the his yard in 60 or 61 ==> He built his first Hat
and I built this one two month later after using his down to 80'.We using the neck dam and seal Joe Invented
on his Hat he used a inside strap I used a jock strapand fixed face plate a desco air controle and valve,non return.

(This Hat was taking out of my offic in Houston TX If you see it contact me for a reward Doc Toca)
See the photo on my page Doc old Hat

Do you still have the helmet?

Thanks Ed...
You might want to re read the post Ed.
Jessie Dean who just passed on also had a helmet stolen from his shop in San Diego some years ago that looked simular to Louis's helmet but it was blue. Thieving bastards!
For Sale: Viking drysuits
1 size 2 with wear and dives still great suit
1 size 2W no seals brand new no dives
1 scooby doo Whites tri-lam catalyst front entry new seals

if interested email me and i can send pictures and what not
miller weight belt for sale:

i bought it at the commercial dive shop on highway 90 for $460 brand new. think it has 25lbs on it with one extra. i cut to fit my waist and i had a 33in waist and wore a 6.5 farmer john and it still slid down easily. i dove it only 3 times and i'm asking $300 for it. let me know if you're interested and i might come down on price. email me for pictures if needed.
FOR Sale
Gorski stainless hat. 4000$ obo only 2.5 yers old. It was inspected in july 09 and has brand new speakers. The hat is in good condition and I have been using it for work over 200' for the past month, sep-oct. It breaths great and has been well taken care of. It might need a new neck dam depending on the size of your neck, but that is the only part that would have to be replaced. You can contact me on my phone at 256-656-8713 or just email me threw cdiver.
SL 27 for sale. has only a dozen dives on it. bought it brand new from jack vilas. has 2 snoopies, the original blue one and a tough gear black one. comes in a tough gear hat bag. has some spare parts. asking $4000.

would you be willing to take payments on it?
mar-vel in new jersey normally has new hats in stock all the time. from a 17 to the new 77's


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