Gidday, if you are concidering working for Southern Cross Demolition, be very wary,

I worked for them last year in Mackay, june-december, flooded river, broco and underwater boosters most days, rigging 10,000kg + lifts, the owner of SCD told me and 4 other divers that there would be a bonus for piles removed, this was not fullfilled and there is around $20,000Aud  owing to the dive crew.They are looking for a dive crew in innesvale nth qld, 30 an hr, look on seek jobs oz

Be wary


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Good advice mate!

I worked with them in mackay aswell!

anyone signing up be wary of the working excavators overhead, safety's out the window with these guys!

Sharan that is your dad, Rod Mc racken and troy and jaden letting you practice with BROCO, stay in the office, you are good at that


S***, that looks abit more than 3000kgs which you should be aware of as the safe work load of the machines run by SCD on the forgan smith bridge demo job, no bright yellow komatsu or cat arms there i can see sharan, that lift was 11,200kgs, do your homework, thanks walter wright cranes


Maximum 5 T ;0)

Well Hopkins its looks like your busted.

Sweetness of low price is soon forgotten with the bitterness of poor quality.

Getting run off for lack of ability and then you compound your lack of experiance with b****ing.

Your photo of shows your lack of experiance just by the way you are holding the Broco torch.

Why did not clean the line of cut before hand and where is your cutting guide so you can cut a straight line cut? Very unprofessional attempt. Makes all divers look bad.

Please stay out of the water till you obtain proper training.

Fred is spot on.  It amazes me how bad some so called divers are at burning.  I think it's fear.  Sure it could be lack of training, but I've trained divers that continue to be bad performers.  That is when you have THE TALK with them.  They don't like it, and will hate you for it.  But it is true.  Most people are not cut out for this kind of work.  


thats amazing, you see a person standing with that uncut pile claiming their amazing cutting skills, you have wicked vision, if i posted a photo of a semi burnt toilet roll then say you PAISTE are not that flash at burning toilet rolls everybody thinks they wont hire you to work as a toilet roll burner, Tonka giv up

Yeah hi rod, i have a whale which is about 1500mm deep and 250mm above me and the cut i'm starting so how can i cut down??, cutting guide in 2 metres viz?? not clean growth of before cutting??

I hope you don't tutor underwater cutting Fred


Paiste & Fred,


I agree, although and no excuses being made, some divers just dont see the time behind a torch as often as others.  I myself have performed "some" burning but not enough to say I am the most proficient.  On the flip side of the coin I have spent extensive time welding where others would be lost behind a stinger.  I guess all im saying is that its good to have a crack on when you can but your ego shouldnt override your ability, as I'll be the first to state my burning experience if on a crew and it was put forth, but from the photo the lack of pre planning definately shows through.

Stay sharp and safe lads.



Hi evan, welcome to the propoganda machine of Southern Cross Demolition, just saw the photo of a pitted pile i was suppose to have cut, you could see me standing behind it in a KM37 with a #5 lens on going how good am I eh, Photo's of the job to come, And Sharan, we used goldings and Walter Wright cranes for some lifts

Hey Benjamin,

By no means was it meant to be a personal attack on you mate, all things above were meant on a general bases. 

Where is Southern Cross Demolition based ? I spent 4 years in Cairns, Qld but back home in Canada now, more curiousity than anything else.



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