All my life i wanted to become a diver and now since im out of high school im making that step foward as of now im enrolled at the Ocean Corp in Houston, Tx. Ok the big question is why does no one ever explain the bad about diving all i hear is the good yeah i know i have to become a tender which is less pay and who gets treated like crap but who cares ill work my way up but besides that whats the bad? How much will a make as a tender/ Diver? How long will i be gone? and etc.

I wanna be a diver so please help!

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Hi Malcom, if you start out in Gulf of Mexico, you can count on around $15.00/hr IF you can get a tenders job. Figure at least 2yrs but more likely more. Then if your lucky you break out as an air diver, you acc**ulate bottom time, somebody notices you're good at something, or have acc**ulated or enhanced your various underwater skills (rigging, dmt, ndt, whatever), and you start getting a few dips. Some years are busier than others in the GOM. After around 4 or 5 years you have paid your dues/gone back to school for more advanced certification/are considered reliable enough to get steady call backs. As long as there is work available-take it. That is a very general picture. Whats so bad about that?
Have you ever been to a used car lot? The salesman is going to do everything he can and sell you that car! Part of sales is not explianing the bad but only the good! As far as Bills comment He hit it on the nose Though it does differ from company to company. As far Being gone well you control that! both by ability and attitude this is a feast or famin world one day may have a 6 month job then next morning nothing! Its all on you!!
You want to know about the "Bad" of offshore diving? Have you been over to the forum at ?
Seriously, though, the "Bad":
This work is feast or famine. You either will have more days offshore than you want, or you are starving and on unemployment.
You might be away from home a day, or more than a 100. I have had years where I have worked offshore more than 300 days and years of less than 160 days.
You might get a call to go to work, immediately, at 11:00 pm Friday night.
Difficult personal life. Lots of broken promises to to your significant other, due to your uncertain, ever changing work schedule.
If you have kids, not being there for them. Missing birthdays, soccer games, etc..
This is just a job. It sucks as much as any other job.
Waiting for a carry-all at 2:00 am in Fourchon is "Bad" (carry-all = crew van)
Waiting for a carry-all in Freshwater City, anytime, is worse
You really want to be a diver? Keep your eyes open and your mouth shut.
Good luck
There are sacrifices in any career, so it is a value proposition and a career in diving is especially challenging. You should expected to make some, all or more of the personal sacrifices to further your career as detailed by all of the others who have replied. These will vary depending on the type of diving you do. As an example, inshore diving may pay less, but you may be home more etc.. When I was diving, I loved the work and the challenges. To those who hire you, diving is not about the water, blowing bubbles, or counting fish, it is about being able to get the job done. There was a saying back in my day, "you are only as good as your last dive" I am not sure if it holds true today, but I would be surprised if it were not based on comments I have read on the list. So if you are going to be in the business, make peace with the bad, enjoy the good, learn all you can from anyone you can as it will keep you alive longer and make you a better hand. Good luck!
Barry that saying still holds true in my book but the problem now is you just cant send the worthless ones on thier way anymore! You have to be very "PC" to say the least then most likely when its said and done they will be on another job with a young (worthless) Sup and nothing ever said! The days of which you and I came from are over. Its a kindler gentler industry now the days of when you would get run off over piss poor preformance are gone and the lawsuits have begun!
Back in the day boats were made of wood and men of steel... lol
Well thanks guys this really helped alot
Depending on where you work inshore / offshore will make a big difference in lots of factors. In regards to the bad .. "how long is a piece of string?" , its something one of my instructors always said .. .. the bad is what you make of it man. Keep a good clear head on your shoulders and try to look 5 steps ahead of yourself for possible dangers that could happen from your actions and it will help lots. Reason being is alot of accidents happen to ways - from your self with not being careful or unfortunate stupid dumb 'luck' for lack of better terms.
Work hard and study ,, and learn your knots and rigging. Good luck


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