I would like some feed-back on wether or not I should be attending a school to recieve s ADC Tender, Diver/Tender or Diver Certification Card, with a concentration in NDT. Here are the facts!

Location - California
Tuition approximately - $18,500
Books & Supplies - $600.00
Time -50 weeks 2 days per week

My question is. Is all of this worth the Tender cert? Can I get certified cheaper and faster some place else. And when its all said and done are the jobs really out there or is the school making false promices. I need to know what you think.

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i went to Canadian Working Divers Institute

and it cost 21,000 room and board included and i left with my DCBC unrestricted surface supplied
which is imca recognized and it took 3 months i found work immediately after completion and have been solid busy ever since

it ran 6 days a week 12 hours a day and when you arent in the water you are studying, and they run you hard!

dont expect it to be a party by any means
Sometimes it goes into what you learn at school. Obviously the bulk of your education will be on the job, but some schools take the time to teach and qaulify you for things that prospective employers look for. Just messure all of you options, ask the school reps(even though they are there to seel their own programs) what they have to offer. And seek advice from established proffesionals. Every school has thier advantages and disadvantages. Don't short change yourself because of cost, there are allot of Gov't programs out there there will help you with the tuition.

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50 weeks 2 days a week? Where the f*** is this?

Look at Young Memorial in Louisiana. There is also a dive school in Phoenix, Arizona and another in Houston, Texas and of course DIT in Se sa ttle, Washington. Look around. In reality the school you go to doesn't make that much of a difference.


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