EMERGENCY .... Anyone with information on the DSV Kusroo1 ,HRC clamping arrangements,deck hold backs,life support hook ups,etc or photos please send it to my email,we sailing to rescue the saturation Divers believed trapped in the HRC when the vessel sank since it could not be released.

6 Trapped ...63 meters ....DSV Providence will be there in 3 hours to start the rescuse .Location Iran .

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good luck guys!!

gud luck sir n I'll be very thank ful for u for ur support,Please be Quick ,I want to see my brothers once again like they before
Bell is water just 5 min ago. System expected surrounding 100mtr from the diving area.
 Float off design, vessel took a big wave as they were turning for a launch, engine room flooded, cement silo's on deck came loose etc, capsized very quickly.

Weather still bad.

DSV Swiber Atlantis just outside of Iranian waters at the moment. 24 divers onboard + Triton XLS with full ROV team to assist inthe efforts .

Any news on them yet ?


Divers confirm  - tapping on the chamber but no reply's, they don't sen any divers in ch. bell is half flooded ... but there is still water sustion on med lock on chamber...it looks bad guys ... !!!  - - news came from rescue vessel Sat Supervisor.
My payers are with them and their families.

KOOSHA 1 news > Following Mark Longstreath :received by email: " Vessel laying to its port side ( Side of sat system) gas quads or control van all scattered away . Bell Diver confirmed HRC flooded , door open. Can not reach to port h*** of Living chamber as its been obstructed by derbies, grating ect. Swiber vessel Atlantic, which was heading to location been asked to returned back by Iranian authority . Dulam vessel Providence will be carrying out jobs Contingency plan being discussed for sat divers to enter in to living chamber.( three man bell run, one in bell, one out of chamber door and one go in) All hopes been diminished and we have to remember this historic tragedy for our life long.''


We found the CH 2 door open and CH 2 found flooded.
Divers did not find anybody in CH 2 ...door to T L secured on T L side ...T L also found flooded ...have to break open the CH2/TL door...main chamber med lock out side door opened cant open inside door...KOOSHA 1 crew is coming onboard any minute to assist with info ....!!!
We been working all the time against the weather ...!!!
Very grim chances of any survivor ...!!!
Sorry could not return your calls ....as I was on panel .


let us know about anything new! Good luck to you guys with the weather!




lost them all ...I dont know how to say that .we are sorry.


It's was confirmed about 5 hrs ago that all 6 sat divers didn't make it... 2 in one living chamber and the ithe 4 managed to dog their chamber .... They were found dead... It's a sad day in the diving industry we lost more than 6 brothers in sat there were anther 3 divers on deck and a tech that was lost... I'm assuming tsing to give them control of the bell or something


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