My neighbour asked me a question today that I couldn't answer as I've simply never tried it above water.  Can you put a dive helmet (like a KM) on yourself without assistance?  Anyone done/do this?

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Why are U putting it on under water? I haven't put one on under water since dive school.

That was the last time I did it too! Like I said - I tried it underwater - at dive school!

Is that the question? Can you put on a hat underwater by yourself? If you can't and s*** hits the fan you better be able to or you'll die.

If you mean:

Can you put on a hat topside by yourself, my answer is:

If you can't put your hat on yourself you shouldn't be diving.

Either way yes, I've made a standby dive where my hat wasn't cammed up properly because I was running as I put it on and it flooded, I hit the free flow and breathed, pulled my neck dam back down and cammed it up properly, but I dive a 17 B, I don't think it'd be as easy with those dumb 27 style camming devices.


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