I leave for DIT in two weeks to start the Feb. class.  I have done some research on the school and the ballard area but dont know how to appropriatly prepare myself for it.  any suggestions.

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I was referring to the fact that CDA is the only other school in the states to offer an IMAC, Your right though, I was b****ing. My bad, won't happen again.
as for additional information. The bus system in seattle itself is fairly decent, but kinda crowded for the school shift. If you can acquire a car for cheap its a bit pricer but lots faster than public trans. Apartments are available everywhere, Some of them offer a months free rent in exchange for a year lease. I don't know of any short term leases though. I live in the san juan islands which are just north of seattle (about 1 and half hour drive north).
I know, I live there and work where its hotter than hell. But aside from ireland, its the greenest place I've ever been. makes for a nice break...even if I only see it less than 30 days a year...got to keep my 330 days out of country to avoid the tax man :D.
Yeah, and only get a third of the training you need. You get what you pay for. Wanna be a cheap bastard, then by all means, go learn how to be a cheap diver. You'll learn real quick that this career field isn't cheap. You wouldn't buy cheap gear to dive with and depend on it with your life, don't buy cheap training either.
Usually you end up a renting with a group of people in your class. I saw it a lot when I was going there. Seattle can cost a lot to live out there. Talk to your directors they have connections with local businesses to get you work while you are attending. Fellow students in my class had some gigs going on of that nature and the local businesses seemed to work very close with your schedule.

Shop around for your gear there are several places you can go. Dive Commercial International offers a good deal for DIT students. Internet can offer some steep discounts also. I bought the DCI package but learned you can save a lot on gear online if you know your size for things. Tacoma Scuba also has a rep that shows up and sells students gear and can make things convenient for you if you order soon enough. Some students were also able to pick up used gear from DIT though Im not sure what went on behind the scenes to get the gear.

Aside from dive gear get a 5/8 9/16 and 11/16 wrench a good pen (that you don't lend to anyone) and some pencils(they are always in short supply) maybe a binder and something to write on (you will want take lots of notes unless your mind is a steel trap).

Lastly try not to do anything that will prevent you from diving and if you do make sure you inform your instructor before you dive.
I dunno - I think its just the built in imperialism of bureaucracy.
Thanks Mike.
+1 to the seamans book but dont expect school to help you
is this book just called the Seamans book? does it have an author? i have the navy divers manual from when i was in the military. are they the same thing?
No this is a government issued doc**ent to record your time on board a vessel, you have to apply for one to get it. Usually in anticipation of your first voyage, has an entry for sr. ships officer, vessel name etc. but if you haven't crewed on yet they won't issue. So there are remedies. (eg.-Panama) I've got one here somewhere -if its handy i'll scan it-mine came from australia. they are also handy for some airline discounts/baggage overages, etc, and yes its called a 'Seamans Book', in Canada its ministry of transport. Mine came thru Mariners Union of Australia many years ago. Some middle east dive co,s ask you to have one. I don't have application addresses etc. besides I'm Canadian, so US gov. stuff isn't familiar to me..but hpoefully some instructor at dit might have a clue or be able to track info down. Just a suggestion makes no nevermind to me. good luck
awesome thanks bill
What's up Dustin....I'm about to be in mid terms here at DIT. Awesome school!! There's great instructors that have been in the industry for many years and they are really motivated in teaching....As for what you need.....just be motivated to learn...and be ready to work hard. Also, just a heads up...all you will need to spend on gear is about 1600 bucks. There's two shops that you can go to. If you need a place to live just hit up Ballard on Craigslist and many places will pop up right by the school.

Good luck!


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