Hi, divers.

I need information below.

Would you let me know the manufacturer of portable saturation diving system with reputation?

Would you let me know the  chamber manufacture(bare hull) ?


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You can call Mike Elhers at 337-552-8856 or email him at  mehlers@seatechind.com. seatech build sat systems.

Also you can call  Richard King at Arc Contorl @ 251-666-2165. Arc builds sat systems  too.


thanks Mr. Kevin

also submarineproducts

Contact Lionel at IUC - US: 1 (855) 482-8324 International: 1 (914) 241-6230


They have delivered I think 6 systems over the last 5 years or so and can certainly set you up with what you need

You can contact Divex Limited in Aberdeen with details of your requirement.

In the past 6 years they have built and delivered three 18 man & two 24 man, fully integrated saturation diving systems as well as eight 9-12 man portable systems.

Their e-mail address is sales@divexglobal.com


In my opinion Mike Elhers is the best in the business building or fixing. I started working with Mike over 30 years ago when he was a training Sat Tech at MC Dermott.


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