Hi, I feel I am qualified to join this club, I am now 61 and still very much an active diver and have been for almost 50 years. I started diving in 1963 and have had an interesting and exciting life as a diver, where I have trained and attained the highest qualifications in Commercial. Military and recreational diving. I have just written and published my autobiography as a diver, "Five Bells", Job Done ~ A Divers Story. I believe there is something in the book for everyone and the variety includes: Awarded 'British Diver of the Year 1981, diving in the contaminated ponds of a Nuclear Reactor, searching for bodies in sewers, carrying out a re-immersion therapy on an unconscious American sports diver at night in the Caribbean during Hurricane George, instructing/teaching diving on tropical beaches, placing and detonating explosive charges, becoming a North American Combat Diver and a British Army diving supervisor to name but a few. I've been fortunate and have lived a full and interesting life and the book is currently being read by cDiver President Adam who will produce a review of it. The ISBN No of the book is:9780956139900. Available at most good book outlets or signed copies c/w my hard hat stamp are available from , www.tonyliddicoat.com. I wish you all the very best in your diving careers and enjoy this excellent site.

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Welcome, Tony I oirdered it today. You young whipper snapper.
Hi John,
delighted to make your acquaintance, I see you are from Louisiana, I have strong connections there, the diver I did the re- immersion therapy on was from Louisiana and subsequently became an honorary member of his family and visited several times, they lived in Metairie and they feted me big style in New Orleans, even did Mardi Gras etc etc.Great place, great hospitality, great food, [His name was D*** Alba and he was a highly acclaimed diver on the rigs down there.] After I treated him he was flown to the DAN centre at the Jo Ellen Smith hospital and was their first ever Hyperbaric patient. Small world John. If you have trouble obtaining the book try ,Fivebells@live.com. I can arrange a signed and stamped copy for you, you can pay via paypal of it is convenient. A couple of great photos on your page, there cant be that many years between us ??
Best wishes
PS D***'s business Partner was also a diver called Paul Perry now deceased.


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