I am a television producer in the United States and am interested in contacting divers with experience in diving offshore for diamonds in Namibia. My goal is to create a television series following a group of divers searching for diamonds. Please contact me via this forum or directly by email at jgrassie1@verizon.net

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Diamond diving-----> Long hours and bad pay 

the life of a diamond diver is not all that what they say it is ,no clamor ....its a hard live going out there only when the sea allow u and then u get s***ty viz...a get payed on the amount of carats (only percent of that)so u can go out there 10 times a month werk jou vrek  and end up with niks....or u can hit jackpot...if luck is on ur side ....then get TF out...what u are trying to do was done and not successfully....so good luck in finding guys to do this crap (unless u pay them good $ ) only a diamond diver knows the feeling ....

Big up 2 SA divers only the best...      

Hi John

I could put a team of divers together for you. We could fake it just like they do on the history channel. lots of drama, men at each others throats. Stage a few accidents. We could even come up with a big push for diamonds. I know nothing about diamond mining so it would be perfect. just like those guys on gold rush. Maybe we could even shoot a whale to cause controversy. The guys in gold rush shot a bear that wasnt causing any problems.

Want a better story, Im fixing to open a school that will put the ADC out of business. Besides, if there were diamonds to be found in US waters, the Government would claim rights and Obamah would give them to the "Foreign Gentlemen" we are currently at war with to buy more illegal US weapons.


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