New or soon to be dive school graduates: Coming to the GOM.

Gotta just say i have noticed a definite turn in the outlook of this industry over the last year. The new constuction and drilling has tapered way off. although jobs like platform removal, P&A's, Inspections, and emergency response (such as leaking p/l's and work requiring a diver to continue different projects) will not grind to a halt any time soon. Never will as long as oil is king. But with the previous hurricanes inflating the industry (hurricane babies) leaving a large # of younger newer divers just at the start of their careers. I was just wondering what the dive company pitchmen / recruiters were promising as break out time frames, work availability, pay, incentives, and so forth.... I guess i kinda wonder how the dive schools are painting the industry and it's prospects also? I'm not saying it's dead or anything I just think that the boom has past and the reality is begining to set in - kinda think i was lucky to get in when i did (In the time of stand-by pay all winter long haha the good ol days) Guess what I'm asking is r u new bloods getting a rosy picture painted for u or r there any straight shooters in your schools or potential employers that r telling u that the is industry has throttled back? and some lean times lay ahead.

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are the dive companies still offering sign on bonuses and hat programs? there is never a bad time or palce to do a hurricane dance. the GOM is far from dead , slow for sure but it's just not expanding at present and it's been pretty well inundated (spelling unsure i am a diver) since 2004 with new hires and break outs. now is the time to tighten ur belt and pray for rain.

no sign on bonuses and no hat programs

ok here is my comment (sure you all are waiting with baited breath). i am a 39 yo new dive student graduate in october. however ex-army ranger n run triathalons for fun. I digress, do what you can to separate yourself from the crowd...I am an EMT and getting my DMT after grad (DMT'S are in shortage in our field) be smart, dive safe ARB
Where are you going for your DMT?
JBB sorry it took so long to reply. I am going to Roatan, Honduras. The company is called hyperbaric training associates. look it up they are US based and are a REAL company. Their front man is a career firefighter/diver and is in constant contact with ADC and DMO'S. What some may not know is the standards have gotten higher and as the current DMT'S certs go out they are going to take a higher level of training. Apparently, the DMO'S have been saying the DMT'S can't do what they really need, therefore the change.
I graduated and have been spinning my wheels ever since. I got one nibble and that's it. I get certified as a welder and also get a Class A driver's license to make myself more attractive and still I get no action. My instructor was honest enough to tell the graduating class that there's a good chance that most of us will probably end up cleaning hulls or doing some other menial jobs until another monster hurricane cuts through the Gulf again.
It's been over a year since I graduated. I sung ever song and did every dance(ie; I'm willing to relocate and am willing to travel as often as necessary). I want those assignments that keep me offshore for months at a time. I hear that most people can't stand being cooped up on a boat for long periods of time away from family. I love that kind of stuff and I just can't get a break.
hey good luck with the job search it's getting slow and winter is upon us. did u try tiburon, global, dont go to chet, oceanering, phoenix, legacy, caldive, triton, bisso, veolea, r u a welder --- try neptune or usus.
Shaun, just applied to Neptune (aussie dive co.). Wtf are all these dv-1 , .002 s***e.
sorry how does that compare to ADC stuff. I need a translation. could u please help?
dawn, have u found work yet?

if you guys want a job you just have to show up and knock on doors. emailing and calling will not do anything. trust me... we are about to hire a gang of tenders. we are short handed and have work up the ass...

im currently in training at the underwater centre in fort william. i get told different things by every1. some good some bad,but to b honest this is all i wana do and if i struggle to get where i wana b its tough s***. i think every1 im with on this course is gona hav totaly different experiances of the industry on not getting a start. im kida lucky i have a couple ov contacts so im gna take wat comes my way.
Holy crap dude. I hope your resume is written better than that dribble.


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