I am just writing this up as an open discussion, this is not an attack or a joke.

I would just like to ask you the prospective student/instructor of future diving education a few quick questions?

If a school offers training without any accreditation and costs the same as a well established fully internationally accredited school. Why attend?

If a school cites rebates or discounts to training but cannot offer them at this time, what is the likelihood that money will ever be returned to the student?

If a school offers a job placement/work experience/"pay your way" form of education. What contract/agreement or frequency of workvscope is the employer/employee guaranteeing?

If a school is adhering to a "code" or set of standards. Is this "code" currently the most internationally recognized and accepted to aid the "student" in his continuing career?

My final question:

This is directed to Mr. Jerry Babin. If your course is for veterans, why is the contact information directed to "parents"? If your course is aimed at veterans shouldn't they not require parental consent or query? This seem contradictory.

As a quick sidenote and disclaimer. Huge respect for anybody who has served and believed in something enough to risk their life. I am only asking these questions because this is an open forum to discuss new ideas, as well as advertise new opportunities. I feel anybody thoroughly choosing to go down this career path should be making the most well informed decision they possibly can. If that requires input from the community, then maybe that's the best way.

If anybody doesn't like/or has issues with what i'm saying, please feel free to contact me through this forum. I check in and it forwards to my email.

-Skylar Albrecht

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you dont know me boy, and though I respect your service to our craft, you are a disrespect to those who follow by your childish behavior. I grew up in the GOM, (Belle Chasse, LA). I have more time in the water DIVING, than you do bathing...... I will never claim to be an expert- at 46 I still learn any idiot that claims more is a fool.....

Sorry Skylar- My phone number is on my post if your in the US we can talk. If you notice out of the hundreds of people on this site only 2 have an "Opinion " my personal E-mail is babingj@gmail.com you are always welcome to use it. Never give up on your goals, how ever you chose to pursue them. Good Luck.

Sorry your page got turned into a soap opera, get used to it. There's always a nut sucker wanting to stir up the water when a new guy or regular divers try to stay in touch on this site. Adam started something great awhile back but there are nut-suckers everywhere in here. When they cant find work, their girlfriend is doing the kid next door or they just run out of beer stupid people start putting stupid crap on your pages I apologize for entertaining these idiots here, but late at night while I watch my babies sleep I get kind of cranky and forget myself. Again my apologies. Fair Winds Lil Bro where ever you go. Dive Safe Come Home Alive. 

"...Oh but your Canadian that explains your arrogance. I have a few friends in Canada what shame you bring as you not only represent Canadian SAT Divers, but your Country when you open your youthful loud mouth. I will leave you..."

Your a muppet, dont f*** with my country.

My statement was aimed at the Idiot who made  the comment Sky, I have good friends there in Canada and distant relatives. Arrogance in crafts between countries is a big reason why Divers were s*** on by the ADCI and why they are not allowed to vote on ADCI policy. I am told has faults, but I have read their international contracts IMCA. Your rights and safety are given a higher regard than here in the US. Every country has a  s***-stirrer unfortunately you guys are stuck with JACKO. You cant defend everyone in Canada- but your countrys reputation is dented when other Canadians dont nut knoc itiots like McNill, we have our share of Idiots here too, Adam Usually kills their membership. Sorry you miss understood me. I meant you or your Countrymen no ill will or disrespect. 


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