National University has a fully accredited Commercial Dive School!

I am an instructor at National University and am here to answer questions and raise awareness of our Commercial Dive Program!

Did you know that National University Polytechnic Institute has a fully accredited Commercial Dive Program?  With their certifications you will be able to step into an exciting career in the commercial diving industry! The Commercial Diving Program, offers two specialties for you to choose from focusing on either Diving & Hyperbaric Medicine (DMT) or Underwater Inspection Technology (NDT).  Regardless of which specialty you choose, all students are trained to the American Welding Society's underwater welding code (AWS).  Also, since National University is a regionally accredited institution; your credits will hold academic weight for use at other institutions. This also provides our students with the ability to receive the full amount of Veteran’s and Federal Financial Aid benefits that they qualify for.  All questions can be answered by calling the toll free number, (800) 432-3483.  If after hours, please leave a message and they will get back to you.

I will try to field as many questions as I can on here also!  Let em fly!

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What are the chances of finding a job in the Southern California area?

Hello Bradley,

The San Diego specific job market looks fairly promising.  Without much effort, I found two job listings while doing a simple Google search.  There are also two job listing on under "jobs."  I attached the links to some job posting below.  Good luck!



Cool, a part-time job and a "Commercial" open circuit SCUBA job. What, no openings at the YMCA? LMFAO!!!

Mr. Martinez, you may see how highly we working divers regard "commercial" use of SCUBA here:

Or better yet, head over to and ask them what they think about the safety of SCUBA in the commercial environment, or the wisdom of working for a company that would hire a PADI diver to tend you! Is commercial use of SCUBA part of your curriculum?

I'm glad that there were real GOM hands working at the ol' College of Oceaneering when I attended. I was fed a minimum amount of BS. I was given the phone number of M.C. Boudreaux and told to start packing for Morgan City.

What happened to the facility on Fries Street? It would have made a fine commercial diving museum.

If you read the OSHA CFR, there's really no confusion. SCUBA cannot be used for work only rescue unless you are a "Scientific,Military or Rescue Diver.

The line is very grey, but common sense should prevail. Any Idiot willing to risk a divers life by limiting a divers air, should be hung.

Mr. Babin, What part and sub-part of the CFR are you quoting?


Hi Bradley,

Local jobs happens to be our October topic of discussion on our Facebook page.  I invite you to come see.




NEW Commercial Diving Jobs

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