Has anyone ever took a iPod or other mp3 player on a dive in their hat?

I was thinking of rigging up a little device with a iPod so I can have something to listen to. I was thinking a iPod shuffle with a shortened headphone line with the new volume adjuster piece. 

Any ideas?? 

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I have thought of this once... but then the idea of missing out on instructions from topside cancels the thought. Plus, if you have to alter your hat, it might cause some regrettable complications.

Here's an alternative.. Get your sup to sing to you over the coms.
your getting paid to work not listen to the top 40.
time is money , How much do you think your employer is paying for you to make phone calls to your pals wife while he's in the water? Or posting photos of thats me dive pictures?
Good morning guys hey Jon great idea. Yes while on a big u/w welding repair job after Hurricane Katrina one of our younger divers put his Ipod in his dive hat while u/w welding only using one ear phone in one ear and the other open so he could hear what he needed to from topside. All that seemed to work fine until he surfaced one day and the ipod fell out and into the water-oh s****
Time to buy another ipod. So if your lucky enough to have a job like that where you could use a ipod make sure it has some kind of a POCKET SO IT WON'T FALL OUT AND INTO THE WATER and its ok with your supervisor and then rock on.
Ya I was thinking of putting it in the snoopy.. And if ya have one earphone and it really low and adjustable u wouldn't have to worry about missing topside instruction.. 
Take an old pair of headphones, cut off ear pieces and strip wires, install Banana plug to end of old headphones, then just piggy back the Banana plug to the diver comms wire from topside and you should have music. Your Supervisor can just unplug the headphones if need be. This might be an easier option.
No NO Fu#K NO. Any distraction from the job is just a bad idea. Keep your cell phones, ipods, and everything else in your rack. This is serious business guys, I would hate to answer a lawyers questions about such a thing being used during a dive. Stay "tuned" in to what is happening...complacency will kick you in the ass.
+1 i work a lot of ship welding jobs (aka. shallow and long hours of staring at the puddle) so having some tunes playing over the rack can really make the time fly.
Thats where the music was being used on a long and shallow job. Yea over the rack but they really need to hear your breathing. The job I was on it was put in the har and only one ear phone so topside commands could be heard.

On offshore diver take a look at the article Mike Ward wrote on bailouts and running ouy of air-its an eye opener. Safety first.
One morning while I was commercial sea urchin diving an looking at this reef for more sea urchins in the San Diego kelp beds. I was swimming along looking at this reef on Hookah gear in about 45'of water with my sea urchin rake an collection basket when all of a sudden out of the blue I start to hear a what sounded like a radio announcer giving the mornings traffic report on the radio.
I thought to myself am I loseing my mind ! What is going on here this cant be I am diving on this reef and all of a sudden I am listening to the radio station here underwater. Well what I can tell you it took a few moments of total bewilderment to figure out what was really going on. I seems another vessel that puts research divers in the water pulled into the area I was working after I had left surface and was in the area and had their u/w hydrophone in the water turned on and tuned to the radio station. "Good morning all divers on the reef" and now we continue with the top 40 tunes and latest songs. I love being a diver.
was gonna get one of these 30m model cases to counteract the mindnumbing sound of a reg exhaust over 7hr daily bottom times pearl shell fishing
Clever idea wondering if any danger of attracting sharks or crocks ? Any thoughts ?
Hells bells Ace lets experiment-wonder whats best for baiting big toothy things, big band, rock & roll, folk singers, or gospel-what do ya think?


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