I have been working in the Middle East and Asia for the last few years as a project manager and sat superintendent. I like working in these areas and well take on any project thrown my way. I broke out as a bell diver in GOM in 1974. I have been kicking around the industry every since and am still having fun at it. I am alwasy looking for new and interesting things to do. I try to live and persue the four basic truths in life.
Faster horses
Older Whisky
younger women
More Money

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Hey Anthony,howzit?, call me out of touch my man.What is Neptune Marine Svc's?.I've been out of the loop.Gotta admit though to get 3 years 3 months and all the acomplishments(spelling) as stated on Yassers c.v. is pretty miraculous especially seeing as according to attached certs he only got his part 2 on Feb the 27th. The dude should be raising the titanic by now. Then again I'm only an underwater labourer who dives to get to work. YeeeeeeeeeeeHaaaaa!!!!!
Neptune was originally an aussie co. but they are in the GOM now. Jose Vindeola (CalDive) is there now. They are IMCA and ADC so they sound good, but ya know. he said today when I talked to him the are worldwide n need DMT'S.
Honestly bro,I havent heard of them but the DMT is probably the best add on cert you can get,companies like to see the extra bits of paper plus you can never have too many life support personnel on a ship or wherever you may be.
Dive Safe
Thx Ryano, I live by the ranger creed I give 100% n then some. I have 3 speeds-fast, faster n OMG. I hate being bored.. we had this one douche in class today say he made alot of money as a roughneck. So Ron said (the instuctor) said then why r u here b**** he said- I want to dive for an hr. and a half, play x-box, deco n get paid for twelve. Never gonna be on my team, hell of a work ethic ya know. that is why most people fail I think. Lazy b****es.
Hi Mr Palmer.
I too am looking for work.
I am a UK citizen.

I am a baby diver.
I have a Class II ( South African DOL ) IMCA and HSE ( CSS Top up ) approved
I also have DMT and chamber op.
I am willing to start at any time.
I am willing to start anywhere.
I am willing to do what ever I am told.

I am even willing to sweep the floors and make the drinks.

Though it will not let me upload my CV.
Please may I have your email.
what's the deal with all the frickin resumes and cv's on the discussion board? go here and put it like all the other normal guys do: http://cdiver.net/cjobs/
There are only four truths Time is the only currency
Health the only wealth
People are the only thing worth knowing
Value yourself
Roger, Roger,
Tex Sammons here and glad to see that there are still some Hercules guys still around. I am living in Kota Kinabalu now. Drop by sometime and play a round of golf.

I worked for CCC a year ago as diver in Kuwait and Then Oman. What projects are kicking about these days.

I also have a degree in Econ from the University of Washington.

Like to get into the Project Coordinator role...


well i put myself in line 20+ diving sat -bell,gulf s-america,been living in a bag all the years
let me know please where to send cv
Hi Roger, where are you now? Offshore or at home. Do you have any news about upcoming sat project. What about global. I heard 18th of this month Global going to release a new vessel 1200. I am just bored at home , If you have any news about job please let me know. Have fun & take care.

Hi Roger,

I am HSE approved IMCA recognized Class II Commercial Air Diver.
I am a qualified Air Diver/ Reports Coordinator with diverse experience (4 years) in diving with various companies in Oman and India, I need work please help me out.

Sir I will grateful to you if you give me an opportunity to work for your organisation.

Alok Mahadik



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