Just like the titles says, we're currently looking for as many Canadian Commercial Divers as possible. Must be able to prove Canadian Citizenship.

Work for the job is scheduled to run from the middle of November to the beginning of December, so we need divers SOON! Please send resume and certificates to commercialdiverjobs@gmail.com.


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From your post I suppose us US divers with Canadian Certs. arn't welcome....I've even got Dutch certs.   


Like I've always told my minions, it's not about your ticket, but more about work visas and pay roll.  When they get into something they can't handle, that's when they call upon us Americans.  Much like the rest of the world in every sort of dirty job.  

emailled, no response...
Pretty vauge post, is it for the east coast or whats the deal here ?

Gmail email address..most established diving companies will have there own domain could be a scam be careful.


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