Local Union 454 Wharf and Dock Builders Pile Drivers and Divers

Our annual Apprenticeship contest and Exposition is being held tomorrow May 6th, from 8:00am to 5:00pm.  Being featured this year is our brand new commercial Dive training facility wherein which we will be offering our members who a commercial divers and the contractors who employ them the opportunity to acquire any training pursuant to commercial diving operations like under water welding, NDT, and contaminated diving best practices.   This event will be located at 10401 Decatur Rd. Philadelphia PA 19154


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Local Union 454

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hi david,

im writing to see if you might be able to point into the right direction to look for a divers union in ohio. i just graduated recently from dive school and am trying to put myself into the best position to gain as much work and experience as i can any info you can offer would be greatly appreciated you can email me at bhuntdiver11@yahoo.com thanks for any help you or anyone else can offer



Not much of a joiner myself, hell I got kicked out of Boy Scouts. My Hat if off to your Local!! An Old SEAL HOOYAH! Your members should be proud to be part of a group that stepped up!!

Its a work in progress.  Diving is something that was ignored for years, were changing that.  You hear anything in the grape vine?  Give me a call when you get a chance.


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