Local Union 454 Wharf and Dock Builders Pile Drivers and Divers

Our annual Apprenticeship contest and Exposition is being held tomorrow May 6th, from 8:00am to 5:00pm.  Being featured this year is our brand new commercial Dive training facility wherein which we will be offering our members who a commercial divers and the contractors who employ them the opportunity to acquire any training pursuant to commercial diving operations like under water welding, NDT, and contaminated diving best practices.   This event will be located at 10401 Decatur Rd. Philadelphia PA 19154


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Local Union 454

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I am happy to see that finaly the locals are putting forth the effort to stop basterdising the union divers.  I am part of Local 2375 out of CA and man the union here is actually getting rid of programs. There excuses are always because of bugget cuts. My responce what the f*** are my union dues going to.  The idea of putting together a program like that was brought up long ago and nothing ever became. 


Good Job Local 454

Thanks Brother, were working on being the best Diving Local in the country, we want to improve and organize the wh*** industry!!!  Better Divers through better training means our contractors can be more competitive than the other guys, hence we win more work.  Talk to you soon!!  Dave Roncinske Local 454

Hey Guys,


I am from the East Coast of Canada in which there is NO active union for us divers.  I have been apart of the Maritime Union of Australia when I was there and they also look after their boys.

Just curious if you have any tips or hints on how to possible get something organized out here to improve and standardize the work force and conditions.  Obviously creating a comparitive wage base across the region allowing competant divers to know exactly where they stand no matter which company wins the awarded contract.


Any info is always appreciated.


Fellow in arms.


Evan Palmer

Hi Evan,


I would look up the Local Carpenter Union in your area and ask them if they represent any Divers and or Marine Contractors.  The Ontario Carpenters number is 909-824-9033, or email this guy d***soncam@hotmail.com, I have talked to him before.  Let me know how you make out, Dave

thanks David


I will contact him and see how I make out and let you know.


thanks for the information

U might also try Local 2404 out of vancouver. Im a diver with them and our rates are very good { bedder then offshore] and i think were pushing back east aswell do to all r work load


Whats involved with getting into these unions, especially in the Vancouver region?


I wish I had seen this posting on Thursday or Friday, I was up in Jersey all weekend and would have loved to come check this out! Does 454 have any more of these opportunities any time soon?

Hey David ,


Curious if you have any boys in the MA region, might have gig coming in August .. only a couple day salvage, but could be worth their while.


let me know and what your boys rates are. cheers


Hey Evan,


Call Local 56, Danny Kuse, he's the Business Agent, he'll answer any questions you have about men and rates. Their office number is (617) 443-1988.



Thanks again David


want to make sure we get good guys and not piss anybody off .. haha

David, Please call me when you get a minute. 256-312-9503 Thanks.


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