hi everyone .... 

out on site right now and it appears most of our hats .. KM 77 and KMB 28 are set up with NPT / 02 fittings 

as there main umbilical connection.  I and others believe it should JIC / NPT instead but the exploded parts 

break down only lists the part as an "adapter" ... just curious if anyone else has seen this or knows of a change that I am unaware of.



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O2 or jic different companies do it different ways. 
Not sure what the question is?

1/4"-male NPT to 1/4"-male 02
1/4"-male NPT to #6 male JIC

This is a common problem.  Both work just fine.  The issue is that the ignorant will mount a hat up that has and o2 male to a JIC 6 female hose.  The threads will fit, but the no seal is made.  

Learn your fittings.  Inspect them every time you make a coupling.  

thanks guys .. I know either can work , but was curious more towards which part is typically sent from KM themselves as I mentioned it is only labelled as an 'adapter'.

Thanks for the information .

When I bought my 57 (new) 4 years ago it came with and O2 male fitting.  I keep a JIC 6 in my haat bag just incase I end up freelancing with a company that uses such.  O2 seems to be the most popular amongst dive companies.  


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