Well it seems KM has yet to sue everyone out of business. Their latest trademark infringement suit is against Surfacesupplied over a photo of a Navy Diver.

In another twist of fate it seems Mike Carson, builder of the Carson 2500 Stainless Steel Helmet that KM has knocked off.

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Mike Carson is suing KM...hold on folks it looks to be an interesting ride.

with respect to mike i was going to buy KM s/s but hen i get told they realy are not good so i didnt., the only down side is the costs $$$$$ of court

happy days

Yah, I got nasty emails from them many moons ago too.

*very* much unlike how how a great outfit like DESCO does business!

Where can you follow this at?

The only information I found online was on the 08 lawsuit. Yes please were can we follow this?


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