I'm new here and know it has probably been asked before but...... Is a KMB still acceptable as a construction helmet? What about as a back up? Thanks.

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Band mask is still used in construction. use the head protector shell.

As you know the soft hood will not protect your head so spend a few bucks and buy the shell.

You can attach brackets for lights, camera etc. to the shell.

Work safe!

Thanks Fred.

The only time I've seen one used offshore in the Gulf of Mexico was a guy doing wheeljobs with a compressor the size of a wheelbarrow and a 15 year old as a tender. I wouldn't go around (in the GoM) saying you got a hat and pull the KMB out on an offshore job, you may get laughed off the deck....

I have only seen it used as a stand bye diver hat on inland jobs

Barone are you saying you have never seen it used offshore? by the stand-by diver?




When I started offshore in the GOM, in '89, the bandmask was still in use by some divers. We had a company supplied KMB on the barge I worked on for a standby hat. I dove it many times as a LT. Great for top clamp work and boat landing clamps. That company eventually banned the use of bandmasks as a working hat and required all divers to own a helmet, due to many problems with comms, especially on jet sleds. Later in my career, at another major contractor in the GOM, bandmasks were only used as standby hats in the bells. This practice was discontinued when a bellman had trouble with the mask during an emergency. They replaced the bandmasks with helmets in all their sat systems. The contractor I currently work for has also made the choice to use helmets as standby hats in their bells. I would say the chance of encountering a band mask in the GOM is very low these days. It's too bad, really. There is a time and a place for every tool in the tool box. But, we as an industry continue to neglect our training and skills practice. An incident ensues, then the lawyers tell the adults to take away our toys!

Hi bud do u know of any companies who are looking for divers,its not easy to find work these days.

Thanks for all the info. I have only seen it as a back-up too, but it is perfect for what I'm doing. I just wanted to know if it was still o.k. with OSHA. Jason, 9 times out of ten I always got my work by showing up at the office in person, often filling out paper work and going to work that day. You probably know that.

As long as the mask has all parts without modification and in good condition OSHA has nothing to do with it.

If its safe to dive then go to work but use a head protector shell.


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