Good day everyone.  Most everyone here probably is already aware of this, but I just wanted to post this to help people in the United States who want to be able to actually get a job:

You must get your TWIC card!  All the companies are making all employees do this and it's only $130 bucks, give or take a few pieces of copper.  Honestly, if I may give any free advise to anyone, you will be totally useless if you do not get a TWIC because companies are making everyone obtain it, from cooks to deckhands.  

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has anybody actually had to use their PIN number?
i don't even REMEMBER my pin number
If you hold a USCG Captains license it should only take about 2 weeks and about $25.00 us dollars cheaper because your already on file.
Boss are you saying it's state based as in United States or Louisiana State? I posted it as good advise to newbies, especially cause the over priced schools don't cover it...

Most of my friends don't have it... My uncle builds boats for the Coast Guard at Bollinger and he has yet to get his, and like 5 of my friends at Triton Diving have yet to get theirs...

Damn New World Order b*******! go to search type in twic
From what I understand it's supposed to take 4 weeks or less, unless you have a criminal background that will possibly delay the process since because any tickets bring up flags and the feds have to verify the crime to make sure no explosives were involved... As long as your not a Taliban and haven't killed anybody a person should be TWIC approved...

It's total New World Order b*******! Is it me or do I type the word "b*******" too often?
smugglers, and trafficers will have a hard time too. 'personally happy about it. If you have one you'll be more valuable, you'll get hired before the guy that doesn't have one.


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