is it better to be a topside welder or underwater welder

what do you think is the pay better, easier to get a job? let me know what you think

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or phoenix int. buddy... lots of dry or wet welding and u/w burning... btw i went to cda it was a joke in my opinion, if you have the chance you should definitely check out the dive school in morgan city louisiana... there's like a year long waiting list but it could save you twenty thousand bucks or so if you're interested. good luck feller and be prepared to work your ass off
I'm still attending cda and i was told about that same company also and i already pull 75 hr work weeks and love it. Thanks for the reply brandon
and i think that i would enjoy the ocean corp but it looks difficult to get a job with them i also was looking at one company back in ct called underwater construction corp ever hear anything about them. And i really apperciate the advice you put out there.keep em coming!
those are pretty sweet pics man I'll try to post some more of mine
oh and if there was a way of getting around going to school to be a diver I'm all about it could save alot of money any thoughts?
I know from experiance you will not make a lot as a top side welder unless you are realy good. Union welders will make the most or if you have your own shop. There are alot of so called welders coming out of school with certs with no clue how to weld in the real world. Not every stuation is perfect like test day just try welding in side of cramped pit were you can not even see the weld joint. If you need to also divesify your self with profiency in not just stick welding but also tig and mig
[SNIP]..."Union welders will make the most"...{SNIP]

Yes the do, make more than most divers!

NYC Local 15 {the welders, NYC Licensed, NYS DOT Certified] NYC wage $48.00 per hour plus benefits package{another $30.00 or more per hour] And are paid 40 hour min per week.
You know when you get a real good hit because you will see grey. I think thats the color or your brain isnt it ? Man thats a good one that is one good hit. Dive Safe.
I have been a topside welder for ten years so what your saying is the transition to uw will be less painless for me than others?
If you can weld 6010 and 7018 vertical up than under water welding will be a pice of cake after a little practice. It is verical down the rods are basicly 7014 with a waterproof coating over head is just like 7018 you can just get in there and drag.
Well from my extensive experiance - go with the whore on Burbon Street. Much more integrity!


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